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All Of Ron Paul's Questions & Answers at Iowa GOP Debate 8/11/11


Airing Date Aug.11, 2011

All Of Ron Paul's Iowa Fox GOP Debate Question & Answers

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Foreign Policy of Freedom

Ron Paul's Non-interventionism is *NOT* isolationism. This article is about why friendship and detente is the best policy (morally and pragmatically) in foreign affairs, esp. with Iran.


Let's honor our troops by ending America's military-industrial complex, and bring the brave men and women home. Happy Veterans' Day!

I want to hear:

As a closing comment, or a comment about the tea party/change attitude, I'd like Ron to say something along the lines of this in the next debate:

"Everyone here, think back over the last 10,15,20 years. Not about Obama or Bush or Clinton specifically, but just the system as a whole and the way Washington is running. How many people here think we need to make serious changes to the way things are done in Washington and the direction this country is heading? [applause, i should hope]

"And how many of you here tonight think Washington is doing pretty well and we just need to tinker around the edges a bit? [crickets chirping]

"Well, anyone who is demanding a little bit of tinkering to the system, look to my left and my right and you'll find the right candidate for you. For those of you who realize we need serious fundamental changes to how we do things, I am the only candidate that represented these views 4 years ago, I am the only candidate that was expressing these views 10,20,30 years ago, and I'm the only candidate that represents those views here today! I am not interested in tinkering with the system, I'm taking a stand against the whole corrupt system. I hope you'll stand with me, thank you."


Working for the Remnant means working in impenetrable darkness; and this, I should say, is just the condition calculated most effectively to pique the interest of any prophet who is properly gifted with the imagination, insight and intellect

A note to Rick Santorum...

You EAT mushrooms. You don't smoke them.

And if you were to eat a few yourself, dumbass, you might not want to bomb everyone who looks different than you.

To the people who think he needs a coach...

He's got one. Doug Wead is his name. He's the same guy who prepared George H. W. Bush for the debates back in the day.

He won.

Here's the deal...

You're looking at a 75 year old man who has 18 different reasons in his head why what we're doing as a nation is wrong, and he's got 30 seconds to explain it.

Give him a break.

People know the truth when they hear it. They know when someone is NOT pandering for their vote.

How did he get you on his side?

Was it because he was a great orator? Because he has women swooning in the aisles at his wonderful charm and smooth ways?

Just leave him alone and let him speak the truth. It doesn't matter if he gets elected. He's getting the truth out there. That's all that counts in the long run.

Could someone tell me

Ron Pauls response to the question about Rick Perry ? He said he was somewhere else but I couldn't catch it.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain


Fox new's only throws the most loaded and brazen questions at RP and he knocked them all out of the park!

thank you for putting this so concisely into a . . .

video format.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I Love Ron Paul But...

When I watch this video... I see hurried answers, I see sporadic thoughts. Because I know & support Ron Paul's position, I am unquestionably loyal. I understand the jump between points. But... I really believe, in order to win the nomination, he must win the national stage. In short he needs a coach... He needs to slow down. He has never been a "sound bite" guy, but he is more poised on the news shows than when he frequents the national debate stage. I hate to say this, but if he can not keep it clear and simple then he will not win. People will question his validity as a candidate based solely on age. That is the only reason why Newt did as well as he did in the online polls (aside from parroting Ron's position on the Fed). I said it, bring on the hate... but with him truly being the front runner, I don't understand why the campaign did not take this chance to make him the most poised... the chance to separate him from those losers (presence, not position). No matter what, Rick Perry will be a big hurdle even with his record... He is the Bilderburg trojan horse and there are too many zombies who haven't been awakened.

He does talk too fast sometimes

But that is because he does not talk in slogans and sound bytes like the other candidates. Judging from the applause he got his message is getting through regardless.

I agree, he needs a coach

The Iran position freaks a lot of people out. Is there a way to indroduce the concept that it would infact be congress that declares war should there be an issue with Iran? I think somehow he needs to explain the benefits of free trade with Iran, and get off the topic of confrontation.

I might be naive, but I think Iran would be one of our best alies in the region if only we normalized our relationship. In southern California we have more Iranians than any place in the world outside Tehran. I have have had an Iranian girl living at my house for the past two months while her mother visits family in Iran. She is a blessing to our family and I think the vast majority of Iranians in Iran are just like her and her family.

And on inflation, he should use Reagan's phrase "the silent theif" and somehow introduce the concept that he was one of only three Repulican congressmen to endorse Reagan for President because the mainstream Republicans would not touch him. This would highlight both the relationship with Reagan and the fact that Ron Paul is a Republican which I think 80% of the people do not realize.

I am shocked at how many people say to me, "why is Ron Paul in the debate? I thought he was an independent."

YES....there IS an ANSWER to the RHINOS....

I suggested to Tom Woods the following:

In the NEXT debate...

Dr. Paul can ask his opponents for a show of hands FIRST---everyone raise your hand that they believe 100% in the US Constitution.....they will all raise their hands.

Then, he can say, OK, their biggest gripe against me has been that I won't go to war. So.....if I become President, I will go to your wars, if you follow the Constitution and DECLARE WAR!!

But, further, I will go to war & win it decisively & bring our boys back VICTORIOUSLY!!!

Tom.....I can hear the screams & applause in the audience. It would be thrilling!

This is what can blow the Rhinos up----it's their ONLY card against Ron Paul........they use the Constitution but if they do, then, put THEM to the TEST!!


I love that!

why would it be hateful to . . .

disagree with you? LOL!

I do disagree. I'm tired of glitz. I'm tired of the sorts of things that 'win' *most people*. I think Dr. Paul is clear and concise. A coach would ruin him. If people don't want him, they don't deserve true leaders.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I agree...

I think people are starting to see through the bull shit and they are tired of the "Go U.S.A. Kill the terrorists!" sound bytes.

We need solutions.

We need an old grandpa scolding us for doing bad.

We need Ron Paul.

I sent this video to my coworkers

I sent this video to my co-workers. I was surprised when over lunch my boss said, let's watch that video you sent us. There are just a few of us in my office, but it was such a great feeling to share this with them. Thanks to whoever compiled it.

So, for those

who had the opportunity to watch the whole debate, how do you think the general audience thinks Dr. Paul faired against other candidates?

I haven't been able to get online much lately so I'm somewhat out of the loop.

Overall he was excellent.

Thanks for posting the Dr. Paul highlights here.

The bottom line with this election is that Ron Paul represents a major philosophical change in what Americans expect from their government.

While we already know that EVERY democrat is confused and wrong politically, the shame is that I'm not sure the GOP establishment understands what the proper role of government is EITHER.

This is what I mean when I say that sadly, Ron Paul's biggest obstacle to a presidential win IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ITSELF!

Sad, sad, sad.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


Can someone please assist me here, there is a post on huff Post about Hilary calling for Sanctions against Syria. There are lots of Libs advocating for sanctions and intervening. I commented that we are bankrupt and cannot afford another incursion into another country. Here is the response I got from a Lib “Whoever told you that we are bankrupt, lied to you. Try to look at data yourself and analyze it. It's not that hard. Out net debt to GDP ratio is still among the lowest among all industrial­ized countries, and our GDP is twice that of China, the second largest economy. We are among the richest nations on earth.
Ignorance will make you act like a TBgr. Fix it before it's too late.”
Am I correct in saying that because the FED is keeping interest rates low that the GDP figures are being manipulated?? ..appreciate someone clearing this up and putting this person straight.

Lemon Moon

Oh and I would also point out

Oh and I would also point out the immorality of sanctions. From Bill Clinton's secretary of state (she's evil)


I would say "hmm I wonder

I would say "hmm I wonder what our GDP would look like if we didn't have QE from the Fed". I would also follow it up with real inflation numbers, which is around 9% if food and energy are factored in.


At about 5:15 PM EST, Fox is,

At about 5:15 PM EST, Fox is, again, calling Ron Paul a cook on "The Five", or whatever that show is called. anyone catch it?

He admitted he's not a cook last week!

Didn't they see the cookie question??
Ron Paul is no cook and shame on The Five for calling him one!



Those 5 are disgusting....

Yes I heard it....they are disgusting and can you say age discrimination....they think Ron Paul is too old to be prez...what a bunch of kooks....the only one worth his salt is when the Judge is on there....he actually knows that Ron Paul is the real deal....these guys today are RINO lovers!

How can anyone vote for anyone other than Ron Paul ?

Quik facts One sentence responces

Bachmann = Voted for Patriot Act need I say More?
Perry= Huge spending and goes to private Bilderberg Meetings.
Gingrich = Pathological Lier About Pretty Much everything .
Romney = Huge Spending and Romneycare Need I say More?
Pawlenty = Answers all questions with Obama's Fault.
Cain = Former Federal Reserve Chairman Need I say More?

Ron Paul = 30 years Of truth , Honor , and Integrity
and a firm believer in all individual Freedoms & small Government.

Not "Former Federal Reserve

Not "Former Federal Reserve Chairman".

Cain is a former chairman of the board of one of the component banks (Kansas City), not a former chairman of the overall system.

Just as disqualifying, of course. And it gives his opposition to audits of the system a personal angle, as his actions would be among those audited.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

That sums it up pretty concise!

Nice job.


Also need to add


Love it

Great I'm going to use this....thank you!

GOP Debate

The only one on that stage worth voting for was Ron Paul. The others just like so many Americans were quick to dismiss the principals and ideals laid out by our founding fathers. If people would trust in our constitution and use it as a map once again real prosperity and liberty would fall back into our hands.