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Fantastic Ron Paul Interview From Ames w/Neil Cavuto: 08/13/2011

Thanks drheyde for earlier post of same interview.


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What's that little black dot moving around...

...on the left side of Ron's ear? It's very distracting and it's no bug on the lens either. Wonder if FOX was messin' with the video. Watch in full screen, it's really wierd.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

In 30 Years

Imagine that in 30 years the establishment is still trying to retrain the public against the Liberty Movement that Ron Paul has revitalized. We've come so far in 4 years and I can't wait to see the effects of this ring out for decades. History is being made before our very eyes.

Started off with the best tone of voice he's had....ever

Started off with the best tone of voice he's had....ever

Link to Audio Podcast 8/13/11 interview


thanks JT!

"Dr. Ron Paul appeared on a Fox News special report this morning, to speak with Neil Cavuto about campaign strategy and gaining momentum in the Iowa straw poll."


Where does he get all the energy. Amazing!
Great day, folks.

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kudos to cavuto...

Cavuto did a great job on this interview. I've seen Cavuto dish it out in the past but with this one he treated RP with respect and let him get his answers out. People should send an email of appreciation for his respectful treatment of RP.

That was YEARS ago.. Neil

That was YEARS ago.. Neil been really good for many years now.. Honestly he was only unfair once or twice, and even then it was more tough questions than anything...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

another fox interview 30 minutes later by fox can be found below

Ron Paul Interview From Ames: " The Fed Is The Counterfeiter Of Last Resort"


Airing Date Aug.13, 2011

Ron Paul Interview : " The Fed Is The Counterfeiter Of Last Resort"

Thread was started here before the show started

thanks SaveOurSovereignty as I used your video in this thread after I took down the LIVE link to FOX News.


SaveOurSovereignty - already had posted the video here

as I started the thread while the show was on and then updated it with your video (thank you).


lots of great comments there already

To me this is his best

To me this is his best interview to date. I adored the questions, the rapt attention by the interviewer, the sharp answers and smiles by Ron. What fun!


Thanks for posting.

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Wonderful interview

Ron Paul looks refreshed, full of energy and very, very happy.

He is a joy to watch and Cavuto was great as always.

We are winning!

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Fox is unpredictable, this time it's great on day of straw poll!

Very nice. Did Cavuto push for this interview, if we has any sway at Fox?

Imagine the joy that RP must feel

having worked in obscurity for 35 years trying to spread this message, and now seeing it come to fruition. No wonder he looks so happy.

No matter what happens from today on, Ron has the satisfaction of knowing he "fought the good fight, ran the race" and spread the wildfire of freedom for the coming decades.

Thank you, Ron Paul for your tireless efforts, your patience, your good natured persistence and your constant optimism. You are a hero to us all.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

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Yes, elvie. In many ways Ron already DID WIN, whatever

the tallies are for today or for the future election results coming out of seriously suspicious flawed voting machines.

His optimism is contagious. When he is so thoroughly committed to telling the TRUTH, with nothing to hide or manipulate to bolster his ego, we learn how to bear the burden of spreading the TRUTH. It becomes the way of life in pursuit of excellence and virtue, as Ron always explains to us, and not just superficial tactics to win and beat others down.

Inspired and awakened we will find creative ways to get our liberty messages out, one way or the other, for many years to come. . . no room for long faces and whining!