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Some Fishy Things I Saw Happened at the Straw Poll

1st: When we went in to get our ballots, two of the voting attendents were saying that they just stopped using the electronic machines. This was right around 12:00 when we voted. Were they using the Diebold machines first? Anybody here that voted in the morning? Why would they just stop using them at 12:00?

2nd: I voted at the same time as 5 other family members and we all filled out the ballot. When I brought the ballot to the scanner machine I placed it in face up. The machine spit it out and then the woman standing next to the machine said to try putting it in face down. I wondered why she just didn't tell me that before I put it in. I stood there a couple minutes waiting for the rest of my family to put theirs in the machine. It appeared that everyone I saw was putting it in face up and the machine was spitting it back out. I was wondering why the F*ck the woman standing right at the machine didn't just tell them to put it in Face down before they put it in. This had to be taking 3 times longer just because she wasn't telling people anything until after they put the ballot in Face Up. I asked two of my friends who voted about an hour later and theysaid they put theirs in face up also and theirs did not get spit out. What the hell is going on here? Anyone else notice this?

3rd: According to someone who called in to a radio talk show, Bachmann said during her speech that she was going to run over and vote herself right after the speech. Can someone confirm this? How is that possible since she is not an Iowa resident.

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I tried to get the Tea Party to make the voting

machines an issue, which many agreed. But as with the antiwar and antiFed premises, once the Koch's took control with the Tea Party Express, and made the Karibu Barbie the spokesperson, the issue soon was killed. What we need to do is push this issue by directing it at Obama, that his election cronies can't be trusted with these machines, that lack a paper trail. It is now known as empirical fact the short form Birth Certificate they used as their online reference, has been exposed by World Net Daily as a fake. The man who made it to show how easy it could be fabricated, has come forward, to state the Obama dumbo's used the example from the Snopes site, that was his fake document. If we can make people aware of this, it will not only expose the hoax named Obama, but we need to sell it that electronic voting can be rigged by his cronies in '12.

Brett Baier was saying, while

Brett Baier was saying, while waiting for the results, that the attention would be on Michele Bachmann and whoever finished second. When I heard that, my eyes popped out! (like as if he already knew what was going on and faked the astonishment when the results came in).

If they are using electronic

If they are using electronic voting machines, there is a good chance something fishy did happen. We should demand to see the actual ballots and do a sample count. If they refuse you can bet the farm there was election fraud.

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"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

And lose the farm to the same counter measures?

[Scene shows smoldering ashes as far as the eye can see.]
Scarlett O'Hara: Tara! Home. I'll go home. And I'll think of some way to get him back. After all... tomorrow is another day.

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Electronic Equipment

If these are what we use in NYS then sometimes you have to turn it over for it to take.
I think the votes should be recounted by hand...however, what would it prove? We need to get on the ball and start letting people know to vote for Ron Paul. Blog on any obscure site, if you are allowed on...the GOPUSA won't put my comments up to be seen, that is censorship!! Usually because I say support Ron Paul.

We need to educate the public and do it in a manner that is calm, and unoffensive. No one wants to learn they have been fooled all these years.

Keep up the good work everyone!!


"No one wants to learn they have been fooled all these years."

I'd take it a step further and say that most Americans aren't interested in learning PERIOD. I see it often, and not just with politics; but anything that might make one feel saaaaad :(

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I just want to make one

I just want to make one comment after reading this thread and others like it.

Sometimes we see what we want to see. We all want to believe Dr. Paul really won so we "see" voter fraud going on. It's the only explanation, right?

I'm not naive enough to not at least think it would be possible, but im also a realist. I see so much good from his 2nd place showing that it's almost better we placed 2nd than 1st.

- In 2007, Mitt Romney won the Iowa straw poll. Yet, John McCain won the nomination.
- We spent less than Bachmann or Tpaw on the strawpoll and came within a hair of winning.
- Iowa proved there is a huge base of support for Dr. Paul. In 2007 we barely had a showing.
- We are getting a lot of MSM coverage for such a close 2nd.
- Bachmann was born in Iowa so she had a huge advantage.
- Now that we built a good base in Iowa, we need to move on to NH! Not that we should forget Iowa, a strong showing in the primary is critical. But we need to pickup the pace in NH.
Remember 2008? We all thought we had a shot there, and we weren't even close.

If you're going to sulk, do it now get it over with. Tomorrow is a new day. A new day to further progress the movement.

I'm not naive enough to not at least think, neither.

Go for the triple when ya's got a chance. Makes more sense... when you think about it.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


Then please explain
0.96% (162 votes) – "Scattering" ???
Who the hell is Scattering and why did he get 162 votes and that is the exact amount that Ron Paul needed to win?

WHo the hell is UNCategorized? and why did he get 52 votes?

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Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

It was reported

That the Iowa Butter cow got 3 votes. I think that things like that are what this refers to.

Jim Rogers

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then that should count towards "scattered"

one would think.

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and someone had to vote

for that deep fried butter on a stick! :-o

Yeah and if Ron Paul

Ron Paul starts polling 25% nationwide and it looks like he will win the nomination...
The Headlines will be
Obama vs Mickey Mouse!
The Republican Nomination goes to Mickey Mouse
Ron Paul a close second...

If it was the 40's all over again...

Hitler Beats Ron Paul in Iowa Straw Poll...
Or my Dead Grandmother just won the Presidency and Ron Paul lost by ... Florida...

And if it appears that that dosn't work and Ron Paul Wins against Obama that's when the Super Congress Declares the United States now belongs to Russia and the new name for USA is USSA the United Soviet States of America...
Followed shortly by a speech from Putin... Declaring him ruler of the WORLD!!!!!

This topic was created to

This topic was created to answer some questions about the "sanctity of the vote". I would think this should be done after any vote such as this instead of just assuming our election process is truthful. Seems getting accounts from others at the poll and determining possible loopholes in the process may be valuable. If people were voting twice, such as Baug states, don't you think this may be important information? Now if the vote count was reasonably accurate, then that's great - I will blame the sheep Randy Travis (He has been able to fill football stadiums for $90 per ticket, but Bachmann could only get 4800 votes even with him giving a free concert, free food and free transportation)


The happy part of this post: Daaang but it sure was good to see Dr.Paul with a well-earned genuine smile with the Straw Poll results. Yeh!

Now I get to p*ss y'all off. Sanctity of the vote is correct, but place the blame where it really belongs: Chuck Norris took about fifteen minutes of an allotted two minutes while stumping for Huckabee in Ft. Dodge for the '08 camp/caucus. Very touching - and theatrical.
It wasn't Chucky's fault that people sucked up the theatrics. That's what Chuck does. Same same with any other entertainer.

Who's vote counts?

Who kept listening?


An emergency appeal was made to SCOTUS to delay the Iowa '08 primaries on well-substantiated grounds with evidence of vote fraud. Look it up. Am tired of doing this stuff for the complacent. (sheeple?) You'll probably need to have pdf capability to download the full legal form document.
*sighs of effort ensue*


Today at the Straw Poll, Iowa's Lt. Gov. and some "Energy Forum er some crap" ran more than ten minutes into Dr. Paul's designated stage time. (using THEIR clock)

Not a whimper!

Whose vote counts?

"....it's a poll and doesn't really count..."

Last I looked, methods and principle count. Or maybe I'm just getting old and crotchity. Maybe it' some too many years of speaking about it.....

Vote fraud is nothing new, either, but folks keep looking the other way, because this is just one place where things get truly dirty, in every sense, and in a vain attempt to distance themselves from having to actually:

1. Acknowledge that it's happening and why. REALLY why it happens.

2. Do "something dangerous" like admitting where the real shortcomings are, instead of pointing fingers- and, (HORRRORS!) do what is necessary to change it. Eating "free" hotdogs and waving banners don't count.

continue the denial.

There have been numerous attempts to address vote fraud, but apparently very few were/are seriously interested. There are volumes of info concerning this..... If one is on this forum now, then one has the capacity to verify and do some further research.

This will likely not be a very popular posting, but I'm not running for office, either. Offended? Maybe 'cause it's true?
Find a mirror?

Like I said, take pride in

Like I said, take pride in the fact that we came so close and almost won. Bachmann used more money, she had star power there to back her up, and she was born in Iowa! Yet we only lost by 150+ votes.

Why do we need to "blame" anyone? For what? Dr. Paul said he expected a strong showing and thats exactly what he got. Blame Randy Travis? Seriously?

We need to move on from this. If there was some serious proof of voter fraud fine, then pursue it. But if this is all we have...we are wasting time.

Let's work for the primary. We need to replenish Dr. Pauls bank account here soon. That should be the primary goal.

No ones assuming the process is truthful, but it's a straw poll. Not the primary. We need to pick and choose our battles. If we start a bad habit of this after ever vote...people will take notice and think we're whining.

You don't think Randy Travis

You don't think Randy Travis brought her more than 152 votes? Yes I will blame Randy's ignorance of reality and support of MB for RP not winning. And thinking 2nd place is as good as winning? Come on now.

I actually agree with you.

I actually agree with you. You know there were probably a few hundred who came out to see the guys concert and voted as a secondary event of the day and voted for Michelle Bachmann. Hell if I was a fan of some singer or band playing I would probably attend to and vote for the person who paid my way in.

We talked about this on the way home

and while there is no way of knowing for sure, our guess is people wanting to see a free Randy Travis performance put her over the top, just makes sense. Of course, they can't determine who you vote for, but most of these people would feel a sense of obligation to vote for her. Just my opinion, but I think without randy we would have won.

Jim Rogers

I also saw a tweet about free tickets for the poll from her...

who knows? Wonder what Rand meant by stopping at Walmart with cute kids could have gotten the 150 needed. Which candidate was picking up Walmart shoppers I wonder lol....

There was a tweet up with this link as well:
THE IOWA STRAW POLL MYSTERY : Federal Jack: http://www.federaljack.com/?p=96347

Totals don't jive with actual votes even taking into account the 162 scatter votes...still comes up 50+ short

Did Bachman have that many people on the ground? Things will shake out in a few days if not...talk spreads quick about things seen and unseen and we will hear more if there was funny business happening.


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late night bump

for answers.

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Thanks LL,Many questions.

Thanks LL,
Many questions. It seems there would be plenty of opportunity for a "less than truthful" vote count. And since each vote at this straw poll probably has more significance to the presidential race than 99% of other votes casts for the actual caucuses/primaries it seems there should have been a little tighter vote process.


Why wouldn't they stamp or tear or take your ticket too or something...

They did stamp a tiny hole in

They did stamp a tiny hole in the ticket, but it would not have been difficult to get another ticket and the person would probably have difficulty seeing the stamped hole if someone wanted to reuse the ticket. I'm sure the Bachmann campaign was more than willing to give out tickets to anyone. Or,they could have easily gotten additional tickets from the RP counter too as long as they weren't wearing Bachmann shirts. A couple additional people I bought tickets for over the phone could not be found on the RP list since their names were apparently not written down correctly, but they were given tickets anyways.

Painted finger

was so that those who voted, could go back through the venue to pick up a free T-shirt and/or other trinkets. I personally, was not so sure of the process (paranoid?), but that was the offering.

Actually, the painted finger

Actually, the painted finger was done right after we submitted the ballots and done by the vote staff. I think the RP campaign just used the painted finger to verify that you voted before giving a shirt, but I'm pretty sure it's main intent was theoretically to prevent double-voting. The RP campaign stamped a "Ron Paul 2012" stamp on our forehand to prevent you from getting more than one shirt.


Now that you mention it.

When I went to vote today and showed the fella my id, this old guy inspected my hands thoroughly to make sure I wasn't trying to vote again because some folks were voting twice by washing the blue mark off their thumb.

It may have a been a means of discriminating against some of us... or it may be evidence that some Bachmaniacs intended to vote early and vote often...

Did he actually say that some

Did he actually say that some people had been caught voting twice?

not sure

He said some folks had been washing off the blue mark in order to vote again.

I'm happy with how we finished, I'm not sure we need to make any stinks about who did what though.