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Rick Perry: Enemy of National Sovereignty

Rick Perry is being touted as the 'hard line conservative' candidate, more conservative than Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman but more electable than conservative stalwarts Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann. But what is Rick Perry's record like as Governor of Texas?

Rick Perry supports in-state tuition subsidies for illegal aliens. Referring to the illegal aliens attempting to qualify for the in-state tuition subsidies, Perry calls them “young Texans” and says that requiring them to pay full tuition like the American citizens from other states and foreign born students with legal student visas “is not what America has always been about.” In 2001, Perry signed the Texas DREAM Act, which gave in-state tuition subsidies to illegal aliens who had graduated high school in Texas (already costing money to the Texas education system) or had a GED. Perry still stands behind and supports the subsidies. The in-state subsidy costs Texas taxpayers about $12,000 per student per year at the University of Texas.

Rick Perry also supports granting citizenship to children of illegal aliens, and opposes legislation to change the current policy which grants citizenship to any child of an illegal alien who sneaks across the border to give birth.

Rick Perry also supported the NAFTA Superhighway, officially known as the 'Trans Texas Corridor'. The main purpose of the NAFTA Superhighway was to provide a corridor to import Chinese goods via Mexican ports. Although some defend this importation as 'free market', the means they planned to use to build this government funded transportation corridor were anything but free market. Rick Perry signed into effect a bill granting his government increased powers to use 'eminent domain' to seize land from private owners to build the NAFTA Superhighway.

In addition to allowing the Chinese government oil company CNOOC to lease a huge section of mineral rights in Texas, Rick Perry proudly supports a Chinese company which is regarded by many as a threat to national security. His website proudly displays a press release of him cutting the ribbon at the new U.S. Headquarters of Huawei, a company under the control of the Chinese military and part of its spying network. Huawei manufactures telecommunications equipment, and allowing the Chinese military access to America's telecommunications infrastructure is a certain invitation to allow spying.


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This will be interesting

Thanks - I still recall that HPV vaccine issue in Texas.


so do I

and many others in Travis county, precinct 460 (Austin). Organize your precincts folks...