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Jack Hunter: Ron Paul Wins


Ron Paul technically took second place in the Iowa Straw Poll but lost the top spot by 152 votes–essentially a statistical tie with winner Michele Bachmann. Paul continued to shock the establishment by taking 27.6% of the vote total against Bachmann’s 28.5%. Paul also recieved the fourth highest total vote count in the history of the event, including beating 2007 winner Mitt Romney.

Here are some of the headlines as of this posting:

Los Angeles Times: “Ames straw poll: Michele Bachmann beats Ron Paul — by 152 votes”

Chicago Sun Times: ”Michele Bachmann edges out Ron Paul in GOP Straw Poll in Iowa”

CNN: “Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, narrowly besting Ron Paul”

Christian Science Monitor: “Michele Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, edging out Ron Paul”

Drudge Report: “Ron Paul close runner-up…”

If Rick Santorum and others can claim victory in doing marginally better than most expected–Congressman Paul can certainly claim victory in doing far better than nearly everyone expected, almost reaching first place. First and foremost, success in the Iowa Straw Poll has always been a measure of a candidate’s organizational skills–and today, the Paul campaign outshined the rest.

Remember, in 2007 Paul only got 9% giving him a 5th place finish.