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Wild Idea

I got the idea from the conversations we had in this thread


What are the chances we could do something with Elephants, maybe rent out a few Circus Elephants and Dress them Up with Ron Paul Revolution Stuff... Like Land Blimps or Something. It may be a smart move since we are courting the Republican Primary Votes. It wouldn't hurt to have a Ron Paul REPUBLICAN themed stunt like this.

Its probably nuts, I just wanted to put it out there and see if there are any similar thoughts out there. Back to work, you all have fun.

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I love this kind of thinking.

I love this kind of thinking. We have to come up with something that gets huge positive press. Something that halts the belittling of him and his supporters. We need to beBIG ourselves!!
I kinda like the 40 million in one day, idea. Money can never be ignored with them. Somehow we could prepare for it like poster said. Then just DO it. If we have to go door to door asking for spare jobs to raise money to donate (talking to people as we do) then so be it. We need to bebig !!

No... read my post again...

... I'm saying there are 400,000 Facebook friends. It might take a month to contact and energize them. So, we call it the Facebook Friends' Money Bomb and it runs for one whole month, with the object of collecting only $100 from each Facebook Friend. How difficult would this be? I don't know. But it has the potential of raising $40 million, not in one day, but for the whole month of, say, September. We need to debate this idea, merits and demerits. Thanks for the response though. That's progress.

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How about this creature....

It sounds a little bit like Mark Levin......


A few years back, Raj Peter Bhakta did just that: he got on an elephant, had a mariachi band, and crossed the Tx/Mexico border on an elephant. And the border patrol didn't even notice!

I like your thinking. The press IGNORED Dr. Paul this morning, like he didn't even exist at the straw poll. We need to go up to the windows at Good Morning America riding our Ron Paul elephant, we need to send up 100 blimps and fly them around the Superbowl.

The press will not ignore Ron Paul's near victory! We will bring it out to the world and expose the media as discredited establishment lackeys all at once!

No elephants...

Puppies would be more effective.
Or butterflies.

My idea is...

... to harness the strength of the 400,000 Facebook friends of Ron Paul. Ask them to participate in a month long money bomb to which they contribute only $100. Folks, that would amount to $40 million.

If Ron Paul could raise $40 million in September, the race to the White House is all but over for the neo-cons.

Who are these friends? How can we contact and energize them? Just $100. You have 30 days in which to "find" the money. How difficult can this be?

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Lol, A Paul Pachyderm would probably not be a good idea

Elephants have a knack for going ballistic at a moments notice.

The kind of news media attention we definitely don't want:

How about a national Ron Paul day.

Since the media chooses to do nothing but ignore Ron Paul and his support, maybe we could have a day when all Paul supporters show their support. Instead of Tea Party which could be hi-jacked, we have a national I support Ron Paul day. Their could be major events throughout the country and it could help like minded people see that their really is strong support for him. Just a thought.

Although adds from the turtleshack

did appear when I was typing this, I'd really like to see versions of elephants bearing olive branches.

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many fat guy jokes

in that case

what about


that boy since joining fox is EATING WELL....

elephants in revolution gear?


Imagine that yard sign

"vote for ron paul or get trampled by my elephant"

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Maybe Limbaugh would do it...

He's pretty big, isn't he?

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Newt would also.

He needs the money, and he seemed to be a plus size at the debate.


it's different.. at least :)

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Why don't we come up with a

Why don't we come up with a new animal for the tea party or better yet Ron Paul. What's an animal that is quiet humble but you mess with it and that's it for you, a symbol of wisdom (excluding the owl for obvious reasons)like a porcupine or the crane, and my favorite the wolf.

The Ron Paul campaign is out of sight come join the revolution it really is something other than else!

How about a gorilla

around 800 pounds or so? See if anyone notices

What about a deer logo in a

What about a deer logo in a teal color...symbolizing the internet meme of "TL;DR" (too long, didn't read) as it applies to most of the bills that pass into law on Capitol Hill.


Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

from animals I like lion

for a slogan I came up with:

Ron Paul vs. Big Brother 2012

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The Ron Paul campaign is out of sight come join the revolution it really is something other than else!

If we go that route, The

If we go that route, The Turtle and the Hare is the Parable of choice. Slow and Steady wins the race.

does it have to be limited to

does it have to be limited to one animal? take them both...the hare has some good qualities also, but the turtle can be given more emphasis. It could distinguish us in many ways if you think about it...for example,it would show inclusiveness in a way that no other party does. who else has two mascots?