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"Put Up The Darn Ticker" bomb

hello this is my first time posting here long time reader here. I thought of something that could get some attention of the campaign staff without just coming on here begging for someone to contact them.

Donate a small amount a dollar maybe even a few cents if your really broke and in the occupation part after your occupation put "PUT UP THE DAMN TICKER!" and donate. if they get alot of them they will start to notice it and maybe put up the damn ticker. and you can even donate multiple times this way less people have more of an effect without spending alot of money and can grab some attention.

i already did this today when i donated my $27.65 but i want to do this on a bigger scale im thinking of next sunday on the 21st and doing something like 5 or so "suggestion" donations every hour that way its an all day assault. what do you guys think?

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Anybody up for a RON PAUL BIRTHDAY BOMB???

August 20, would be a great day to say "thank you" to Dr. Paul with a big money bomb. It was planned originally, but I don't know if it's still on.

Maybe this would get a Ticker back up!!

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That's the thing you can't

That's the thing you can't even get a money bomb going cuz there's never a ticker.

Pug up 2 Tickers: 1 for Paul, and 1 for Liberty PAC

Does anyone agree?

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Bump for the morning traffic

Bump for the morning traffic

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the campaign has said

there are "strategic reasons" for not allowing it constantly, and they'll "re-enable it when necessary". And they appear to be sticking to that.

By contrast, you are at any time free to pledge to the revpac's 9/19 superbomb.

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i understand that but im not

i understand that but im not looking for a giant fancy ticker like we had for ames. ill take a small one off the front page somewhere hidden for his supporters so people can see the numbers for atleast the day or that week. i feel like a grassroots money bomb has alot more of an effect and much more energizing than one started by the campaign. i think we could have gotten a good one going after the debt deal passed and alot of people were excited about doing one but after a while it died out i think because nobody knew if they were making a dent.

i would settle for a ticker after you donate that you cant see unless you donate showing how much for the day as an incentive to donate as well. that way we can atleast have our own grassroots mini bombs.

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(agreed, tried saying that to them, too) so the options remain:

we can criticize and plead with the campaign, donating & not seeing any numbers rise, neither of us in a position to change the situation, or donate to the revolution pac, and watch their fundly ticker increase in real time.

Not trying to be difficult, but from my view, this just seems to be the odd situation we're stuck with at the moment.

Hopefully things'll change soon. *shrugs*

Glad you've finally signed up on the site!

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donate = freedom!


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I agree.........Their should be some type of TICKER

on the top of the page for donations!!