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My Take On The Straw Poll?

It's on to the Iowa Caucuses.

Ron Paul just scored his biggest political win in the GOP Iowa straw poll by coming in second (where he finished 5th in 2007) and just 150 votes shy of winning. While a #1 would have been awesome, gotta give Bachman credit here. She's a good debater, who talks more about Obama (red meat) than Ron does - The GOP wants to know who can beat Obama. Ron is more philosophical and has to battle the GOP establishment foreign policy before he can even get around to Obama. It's an interesting, albiet, frustrating dynamic.

Bachman is not very philosophical and as such she's better at delivering applause lines and red meat to the base. She's just a better speaker (hit pieces and one liners). Ron is not up there trying to get applause lines, he's trying to educate and inspire people to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and think for themselves. It's a tougher proposition. Yet the flipside is that when someone becomes a Paul supporter, they're much more loyal because he can fundamentally change your entire philosophy in life. He actually "wakes you up". Bachman won't really wake anyone up. As a result her support will move. When Ron gains support, IT'S REAL and it's going to LAST.