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Now, more then ever, we need a Ron Paul Infomercial - Our 2012 version of the Blimp

Its clear the debates are not the right forum for Ron to get his message out. Ron's message is very complicated and it is difficult to explain clearly in 1 minute bites. I have posted this before, but I think a 30 minute infomercial would be the perfect media buy. Play this two to three times starting about a week out from the various primary elections. An explaination of why your gas costs what it does, why milk is sky high, why its bad to go to war with out declaring it, what is the chain of events that Fed Actions leads to uncontrollable Congressional spending, why is it outrageous to invade Iran if they get a Nuke bomb when all of their neighbors have Nukes. We also need a little candidate comparsion in this infomercial, such as Rick Perry's time as Campaign Chairman for Al Gore or Bachmanns only job outside of elective office was as an IRS tax collector, all the other candidates like to quote Ronald Reagan but when it counted Ron Paul was only one of 4 House members to endorse Ron Reagan, Romney's healthcare bomb in Massechuetts etc. etc. This would be a clean up shot and be icing on the Ron Paul liberty cake after hard weeks of slogging in the various state primary trenches. It would also give phone bankers something to talk about and point the prospective voters too. Tom Woods would be the perfect guy to write the infomercial and I have seen plenty of fantastic videos out there. I am just an idea factory lol, I do not have the skill to write it or produce it, but I do recogize creative quality when I see it. Ron Paul 2012. We could start having money bombs for this project, once the costs are known. If this is to happen, media buys would have to happen ahead of time.

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I'd like to see any media content from the Paul camp show the image of a melting dollar (sort of a reference to Tom Woods' book "Meltdown"). Maybe even show some images of grocery receipts, gas receipts, etc. Anything to remind/reinforce to viewers/hearers the everyday realities most Americans and their families have to deal with. Maybe even show some footage of people, "clients" as they call them, sitting/waiting/interviewing in welfare offices. Maybe even intertwine these images with images of Soviet breadlines. These could prove to be very powerful images if done properly and by creative people. I think the average American can easily relate to the dramatically fallen purchasing power of the worthless fiat dollar they use.

What do you think?

"For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin

How about an infomertial in the form of a 30 minute newscast...

Woods, Hunter, Wead or Schiff can be the anchor men. They would show different clips throughout Dr. Pauls political career and explaining how he has been and is right on monetary policy, domestic policy and foreign policy.

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

It really isn't complicated

That is the thing. It really isn't complicated. People just don't know about it. It is about the FED and income tax and where that money goes. For RP he works too hard at the message. He's too smart.

This guy gets it and explains it so well

No matter what country you are from you will enjoy this message about Canada. Nice to know they are as stupid as we are heheheheh.




btw Blimps draw a lot of free TV interest on local channels. I loved the blimp. Wish we cout buy our own.