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Starting the process to become a Delegate for the RNC.

I just wanted to remind everyone that ultimately to win it will boil down to having "Ron Paul Delegates" at the Republican National Convention. This is actually not hard to do, but if you are interested in becoming one you might want to start "campaigning yourself" now so that when it's time to collect signatures you will already have a rapport with your republican neighbors. They can only sign once and usually don't know what they are signing for so we should start prepping them now.

Then they will also already know your face when if it comes down to a local vote.

We need to start preparing now, so that we are in place when the time comes =)

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How do you become delegate?

How do you become delegate?

What you have to do is....

For one...if you CAN you should start making your face seen at your local town meetings if you can. You don't have to say anything...just get folks usta seeing you. If you can't..don't sweat it.
Then you should try to meet up with with "RP supporters" in your area so that they can help you collect signatures when the time comes in February. Again..if you can't..don't sweat it.

What will happen is in February (or at least it was then in my state..check with yours) the state board of elections mails out a packet to anyone who requested to run for office. In order to be a delegate you need 200 signatures to be on the ballot. They have to be registered republican, have to write their name exactly and have to live in the congressional district you are going to run in. They are also only allowed to sign a certain number of times but it is explained in the packet...but I promise it isn't as hard as it sounds if you really want to do it. But it will take about a week to get enough folks to sign (unless some other folks help you collect them too)
Last time the official Ron Paul website had better details and also helped you figure out what congressional district you are in. I haven't checked to see if it's there yet.

Then once you get the signatures, you submit the forms, get on the ballot and you'll be in the local election. (sometimes you are the only one running...if you remember it's those folks that are off to the side of the voting ballot that you never quite knew what the hell they did...lol)

Then assuming you win..you go to the National Republican Convention (and yes..this could cost you some money..last time the convention was in Minnesota) but...there is no other way for Dr. Paul to win...
and yes...if Dr. Paul doesn't win the Party nomination you will prolly be treated like crap...but again...without delegates it doesn't matter...so this is where we really need folks. (unless of course he wins the party nomination and support...then the party will tow the line..but we need to be ready incase)

Bring 'em back alive.

Get the word out, we are the media. Bring 'em back alive.

If you ain't Delegate you

If you ain't Delegate you ain't shit!

Hi JanBrennon1970

Last night some GOP friends informed me that "my man" RP had placed second (as if RP was not their man), so I gave them this warning: I'll be at the GOP meeting this wednesday and intend to be THE delegate.

I'm sure the phones are ringing to warn the GOP in the county that a RP wacko is coming to the meeting. I'm sooo excited! It's tea time. The meeting is at a Chinese restaurant, so I'm thinking it's green tea time. ;))

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Carry GOP registration form of your state and

TALK to disillusioned Democrats & Independents.

If your state allows only registered Republicans to vote in the primary election, GET THEM to register right there on the spot!

I personally carry "Blue Republican: just for a year" cards (beautifully designed by justin @ flyers.ronpauldesigns.com) besides official campaign slimjims and extra copies of Liberty Defined.

Yup, we are now in Educate + Recruit phase now :-)

The most important thing you can do

THIS IS the most important thing you can do. Everything else is important but it will not matter if we do not have delegates at the national convention. Get involved. I got involved last election and was a state delegate. It is not a difficult process but it will be for naught if there are not a majority of us.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22


Getting involved in your local GOP is the best way to make an influence. I am a precinct committee person for my district so I have the whole (R) voter roll for my district. Going to make a lot of calls for my caucus. Even if the Dr wins the presidency we still have a lot of work to fight facism at the local level.

We did this in 2008 and

had to run on a ticked with ALREADY ELECTED officials who had name recognition - WTF!

Then, the delegates who DID win and go to the RNC, they were threatened by the 'black hats', followed, had ALL their signs and leaflets and RP books TAKEN from them!

AND, they were inundated by other elected delegates, threatened, intimidated and pushed to vote for McLame.

THEN, those who DID withstand all this, and voted for Dr. Paul, the votes were not counted. Each state has the same amount of time to 'cast their votes' - they used it ALL in talking about their state, their 'support' of Mclame, and IF they did report the RP votes, it was AFTER the microphone went silent and/or never reported or counted.

Folks, the Republicans are as evil as the Democrats!

Also, at the convention, when RP delegates tried to shout things at McLame, the rest of the audience drowned them out by saying "U.S.A." Do you remember how many times we heard then shout that! (MORE BELOW >>>

Here in PA, it takes 3,000 signatures to even be put on the ballot, 500 MORE than for a congressional representative! We worked HARD to get them and did. For an unknown, I still got 5,000 votes throughout the counties in my district. But, not enough. After reading HERE, on this site, how our RP delegates were treated, it made me ill.

We also had others who donated towards supporting our delegates, and then had that RP delegate change their vote! Yep, it happened - they admitted it!

The stress and intimidation was so HUGE, they could not stand up against the pressure.

SO, MY ADVICE is to DO it, but remember the lessons of 2008.

Thanks for the details.

This is exactly why we need to win this fight. If we don't Ron Paul will not win the nomination.

Become a delegate!

Out on their Ear

All I can say, is, if any of that stuff happened in the LP, the members or the judicial committee would kick them out the door.

We argue and split hairs all the time, but unprincipled coercive uses of force are not tolerated in the LP and rarely occur.

My hat is off to anyone willing to work within either dominant party. I'll be busy making sure there's an alternative if it doesn't work (in addition to promoting Ron Paul).

The LP delegates, by the way, are not bound by the way the public votes. They can vote for anyone they want to vote for.

I suggest you take over the GOP and change the rules. The GOP is a private organization with its own bylaws and its own goals, and there's no reason why the general public should have any say in who they nominate.

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Sound advice