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World Revolution Not Seen on TV, Rallies Around the World

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The lizard people are watching...

on their private closed-circuit monitoring systems. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Liberty in Maryland

I've been passing out Liberty dvd's to friends and neighbors in Maryland, slowly bringing people around one person at a time. The Liberty DVD has been a great help. Maryland is a very liberal state so I have my work cut out for me, but people definitely have a general since of frustration and I'm doing what I can to show them the Ron Paul way! The hardest part is the few people in the area that have woken up realize that they are surrounded by liberals and don't feel like their vote will matter much.

Their vote will matter even

Their vote will matter even more then - in the Republican nomination :-)

how many people out of over

how many people out of over 200 million voters donated to the money bombs? 5000? So 0.000025% of voters are patriots? 1 out of every 40,000 people donated to a money bomb for Ron Paul.


I find it frightening. Look at the history of this kind of "revolution". It may better be called "vaccuum creation". Those who plan to fill the void are NOT our friends. "Social Justice" is not even close to freedom. These people are begging for advanced tyranny and I find it very disturbing.

The revolution may be coming

The revolution may be coming and that can be frightening. The thing I found inspiring was the message in the video to remind us that fear is not the solution, love and peace is.

Absolutely frightening.

People speak from their bellies..and they haven't had enough war.

Well yep that is where we are at.

They want peace without the Prince of Peace in their heart.
Any Peace without HIM is false Peace. Thus we come to the fake implant, soon to take legal effect. HEALTHCARE BILL.

There will be no peace on this earth

until Christ returns, but He is not coming to bring peace, He is coming with His sword. When they come preaching peace, you will see the end come very soon, His people will be sealed and there will be no way to be saved. I hope to see all of you there, and myself included, God willing. Things are not going to get better here until Jesus returns.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Christ will return in our

Christ will return in our hearts.

The awakening we are seeing now is part of this.

There will be a short period of a false peace.

this is how the anti-christ gains so much power. but the Great tribulation shall ensue as never before and men will still blaspheme God and blame HIM . But it is what they bring on themselves. GOD will NOT be MOCKED. All men have to do is REPENT and believe the GOOD NEWS and apply the blood of Jesus.


False worship. Looks good, sounds good, speaks good, feels good but it ain't, HIM. Jesus Christ is Heaven on Earth . He told you so. YOU cannot make it happen. This is precisely why He must first be immitated. Wake up, only GOD can place himself within the human heart. You cannot perform it. If you could, Christ would have died for nothing. Christ is the Stumbling block, the ROCK of all ages. You cannot go around HIM. There is no other WAY.

God is already in your

God is already in your hearts.


you are a believer, repented, and applied the blood.
Without the blood of Jesus (GODS OWN), there can be NO remission of sin.


Thank you

We need to keep our R3vo√ution separate from their revolution.

The tides are changing!

You are

SO right. The NWO would like to confuse the two.

Extremely inspiring and well

Extremely inspiring and well done. If you want to find the BEST teacher on how to do this start at wordsofpeace.org. I have been learning from him since 1973, so I can point you in a solid direction. :)

Thanks for the link. At first

Thanks for the link. At first glance it seems he was invited to speak at the EU parliament. If that is true it disqualifies him in my book.

I trust David Icke, Alex Jones and others to bring the truth to the best of their knowledge. For spiritual inspiration I have found what I was looking for in Sai Baba and Martinus, both have passed over now but I believe the spiritual journey is mostly a personal one anyway.

I have read and "followed" many so-called spiritual leaders. many have been inspirational. Many are fake. Good for learning to trust myself and develop my own intuition based on own experiences.

Lars..he has also spoken to

Lars..he has also spoken to the UN on MANY occasions. I wish Ron Paul had. :) You need to look at what he said when he went! The thing is, it is not belief, nor the man, really. It is the experience he can show you how to get for yourself..

In my experience nobody gets

In my experience nobody gets to speak to the UN or the EU who is not an insider. Be careful with the people the system presents as being outside the system.

There is a reason Ron Paul has not spoken in front of the UN. He is their enemy. They are for tyranny, fascism, dictatorship and killing of large numbers of people around the globe. Why would they invite Ron Paul?

Instead they introduce "competing" ideas and people who they control. Look at how they have taken over the Tea Party movement and now present Bachmann and Palin as the tea party leaders in their controlled media. Or how they introduced Glen Beck to be the king of conspiracies to hide real researchers like David Icke, Alex Jones and others. This is a blue print of how they operate.

If you want to know the truth you have to listen to the people who are being ignored by the controlled media. Like Ron Paul.

Very inspiring

The words of Jesus that you rarely hear preached from any pulpit...

"Those who are not 'against' us are 'FOR' us." (Mark 9:40)

That is incorrect.

Jesus said; "he who is "not" FOR ME is against ME".
Empathy is anti-christ commited against Christ Jesus..
Read your verse again. This was written about and to "believer's position in Christ , not about the unbeliever's position. If Christ does not possess a person's heart, that person is NOT his. That unpossessed person is An Unbeliever. Every other religion DOES NOT promote Christ Jesus. They are non of HIS. EMANUEL.
Read the next verse.

Now what do you suppose the NWO struggles with and trips over? Why of course it's THE ROCK of Ages, The Stumbling block. They have to get it out of the way. America represents the ROCK. Christianity. We live in scary times but GOD upholds the Rightious. THEY are HIS.

is it a Revolution or is it a

is it a Revolution or is it a r3VOLution?

I know which one will bring the world liberty.

morning bump

Thanks for posting.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


If you riot and protest with anger, resentment and hostility you are giving them exactly what they want. Let us give them exactly what they don't want, what they are terrified of - unleashed collective human energetic power.
Awakening the World - Every Heart Makes A Difference is asking you to 'protest' (run at them energetically) in vast, vast numbers all over the world by sitting down and focusing on your heart and joining with thousands of other hearts - tens of millions, hundreds of millions worldwide to send out love, peace and harmony into the energy field with which we constantly interact.

"Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you stand alone."
~ Sophie Magdalena Scholl
"Let it not be said that we did nothing."
~ Ron Paul
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi