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Tim Pawlenty QUITS Presidential Race


In recent weeks, he withered under the rise of tea party favorite Michele Bachmann, whose rallying cry is a sure-fire applause line about making Obama a one-term president, and libertarian-leaning Ron Paul...

One down... a few more to go..!

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Has a chance to redeem himself and come on over. Welcome all you Pawlenty supporters, hope you can join the team !!!

There was quite a bit of green there, just replace the 'w' with an 'u' and cross out the rest lol


How to Hurt Perry

Those not from Texas may not be aware of this. When Rick Perry was Lt. Governor, he and another fellow were involved in a traffic stop for speeding. Perry got out of the car and attempted to "throw his weight around" with the female officer. Makes him look real bad. It's all on police camera video and can be found on YouTube here:


Spread this video around. Post it to Facebook. It's time it was revived. It would be nice if it went viral.

If the link doesn't work, go to YouTube and do this search:

Rick Perry gets pulled over and bullies a female cop

That's the title of the video.

Here's a better version....

Here's a better version.... the only good one on youtube that I could find:

Make a copy... I did. I suspect there will be pressure to have this removed. There needs to be many copies out there.

I don't think it's powerful, but the more dirty laundry on this guy the better.

Gone already? Wasn't he a

Gone already? Wasn't he a declared "frontrunner" just a few weeks ago? Oh, wait a minute, reality check, I must have been watching CNN.

I am surprised by this!

I really expected Santorum to go long before pawlenty. I guess he got his walking papers from tptb to make room for ricky from Tx.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Pawlenty dropped out too early...I was bummed

We need all these loser candidates to stay in the race.

-It helps Ron Paul stick out all the more.
-It also helps dilute the establishment vote.

In the lower tier Cain, Santorum, Huntsman.
In the upper tier Romney, Bachman, now Bilderberg's pick -->Perry, and next maybe Palin.

The more the merrier!

I still like Santorum.

I disagree with everything he says, but at least he doesn't pretend to be something he's not. He does not apologize or flip-flop.

I really hope he wins the battle of the bible-thumpers because I enjoy every exchange between him and Dr Paul. They match up well.

He doesn't flip flop? You

He doesn't flip flop? You must not be from PA.

I found it rather ironic that he would point out the discrimination gays face in Iran when his policies are right in line with Iran. What a hypocrite he is. He and Bush supported the biggest Rhino in Arlen Specter against the base who wanted Toomey. He talked Pennsylvanians into backing the medicare entitlement. He is a fraud.

Yeah no kidding he is a fraud.

He is the most obvious fraud of all the other candidates. That's why I like him.

There is no other candidate that would be easier for Dr. Paul to defeat.

the reprehensible neocons

Good riddance. The revolting neocons are withering on the vine with their message of ineptness and simpleton thought.

In fact, they are probably worse than most Dems, and it is time to destroy their stanglehold on the Republican party.

Their policies DO NOT WORK. They have never met a war they did not like, they spend like drunken sailors, and their only saving grace (pardon the pun) has been the fundamentalists who believe all their God and country crapola.

A new paradigm is rising, and it is coming fast. The Liberty Train will be in your neighborhood before long. Don't miss it.

It's a wash.

One fewer to split the neocon vote. It is inevitable that we lose some. But we got Perry to replace him, so it's a wash.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Oh poor Timmy...

we barely knew thee. The only thing I really know about this guy was he is a good husband, was the governor of Minnesota and supposedly had great organization on the ground in Iowa. I remember the media running a bunch of articles about this guy, but I can't remember them ever telling me a single policy position that he holds. I know he wants to bomb Iran, but that hardly distinguishes him from the rest of the clowns sharing the stage with Dr. Paul.

I guess with one down and one added, that leaves us net neutral coming out of Iowa. I do believe Perry will be much more formidable than the little engine that couldn't Pawlenty. He already has the blessing of the Kochs and Bilderbergs, so imho he is the chosen one.

On the upside, I don't think Pawlenty will be the last of the casualties to come out of Iowa. Santorum, Gingrich, and Cain must be hanging on by a thread. Newt's gotta be asking how much of his Tiffany's budget he really wants to invest in this venture. Santorum's only real coverage came because he was stupid enough to challenge Ron Paul. Even the most obtuse Republican voter must be catching on to the fact that Hermann Cain's the economy is a locomotive analogy is becoming a bit trite.

I heard some claim that T-Paw was pretty libertarian.

I never saw it but if there were some who believed it they might come over to our camp.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Any word on Santorum and Cain?

I figure Cain might hold out a bit. But if Santorum stays in, it's simply to be a butthead. He's knows damned well, he won't improve even with Pawlenty out.

I know McCotter and Huntsman are rather new. I don't see them making any inroads into the field though.

Gingrich I suspect will stick around till at least the first few primaries.

At least for now, this is a 4 way race between Paul, Bachmann, Romney, and Perry.

The next 3-4 weeks should seal the deal for Romney though. Either he will break out, or he will get out.

I wonder, will debate invitations be rescinded per the Ames results or will the results influence sending them out at all to certain candidates?

We may well see the likes of Santorum et al dropped from polling, and likely from debates with that.


publicly announced he was satisfied enough with the straw poll results to stay in the race.

That's what Pawlenty said...

...immediately following the results announcement.

I guess he had time to check his budget after that.

Without good news soon, Cain, Santorum and Gingrich will run out of money.

Gingrich is already in debt.

I think he's staying in just to pay it off.

Good point

I would love to see Santorum as humilated as Guiliani was in 2008.

Next 3-4 weeks?

Why. What happens in 3-4 weeks? New Hampshire is said to be one of Romney's strongest states and that primary's not till February 2012.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I was looking more that how the effects of Ames coupled with

a shift in the roster, Tpaw out, Perry in, will put pressure on Romney. He will either actually start to look like a real candidate rather than a media darling, or, he will start taking hits and slumping in the polls. He'll then have to step it up, or he's done. He'll stay in at least through the first two or three contests, but his loss or victory will be decided in how the next month plays out.

I think

Romney will be in it until the end.

Paid to go away

I suppose Timmy gets to keep the campaign funds? Will he really just go away now, unlike the current Sec. of Ag Vilsak (who promised a win and to never quit, and then quit after a few weeks)? hmmm

It's a 3 horse race

Bachmann, Romney, and Paul. RP has the Campaign for Liberty, the Young Americans for Liberty, and the majority of the libertarian grassroots. He's more appealing to independents and he polls better in a head-to-head with Obama. Dr Paul should win.


It's probably Paul, Backmann and Perry at this point. Romney's finished. That guy didn't even have a really good line in any of the debates as far as I can recall. Even perry, who was a write-in, got more votes than Romney in the Ames straw poll. Romney is basically finished.

No way

is Romney finished. He's about as finished as John McCain was in 2007.

While the others Dilute the establisment vote...

They also dilute Ron Paul's exposure.

It's exposure to the ideas of liberty and the idea that honest representatives actually exist, that best ensures the future of liberty.

Let's say our highest expectations don't come true this time around, but we pick up another 5 to 10% Ron Paul support, which, like most Ron Paul support, is hard core and irreversible. That could see us at 20-25% among likely Republicans voters nationwide. Perhaps at 15% of all voters nationally.

This level of passionate support WILL change national discussion and policy direction, and it would provide an even stronger platform from which to launch a truly liberty minded candidate in 2016. Think Rand Paul, Tom Woods or another great mind and orator that has our trust.

Yes, we're impatient for liberty, but there's great hope that a lot more of it is not too far along this revolutionary path. It feeds on ideas, and the more exposure these ideas receive, the stronger and faster liberty will grow.

What about...

Santorum The Iranian Gay Rights Activist?

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

ha ha ha !


Oh well, So long TPaw

Now he can grab that M16 and dig out a foxhole in Israel.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."