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Rick Perry: Bush 2.0

Soon we're gonna find out how collectively smart or dumb the Tea Party really is. Are they gonna fall for the Bilderberger shill from Texas? FOX loves him. Perry is their "chosen one" which makes sense considering FOX's big government, chickenhawk, neocon/theocon bias. My guess is Perry will get thrown nothing but softballs about how he loves 'Murica and how he's created so many jobs and how Muslims hate our freedoms in the coming debates. Gary Johnson will continue to be excluded, and Ron Paul will be relegated to answering questions about polygamy and gay marriage.

FOX: America's Pravda

Here's some links about Neocon Rick:

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Open Borders and In State Tuition to Illegals
Perry a Former Democrat and Al Gore Campaign Manager
Perry Forcibly Vaccinated Girls by Executive Order
Perry a Former Male Cheerleader