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We Need OUR Obama Girl

We live in an age of American Idol, and viral videos. We need something that gets 80 million views on youtube... Not 200k. I am not a creative person, and cannot tell you what that thing is... But I can tell you that it is what we need. Those amazing videos showing Ron Paul being right get 200k views. We need something stupid, like the Obama girl, or that Rebecca Black song "Friday" that gets 80 million views. It doesn't have to have any substance, it just has to make people "feel good" when they hear Ron Paul's name.

But it can't just be a Ron Paul girl, because it's already been done, and therefore won't get much attention.

We need our own Chuck Norris. Just something stupid like that, that gets everyone's attention. The difficult part is that it has to be original, if it appears to be a copy of something else, it won't work.

The media wants something that gets views. Ron Paul is right, Ron Paul is honest, Ron Paul would save this country, but Ron Paul is boring. He doesn't get the average sheep human excited. We need to sell him to the media, with something stupid that they can in turn sell to the public to get views.

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I got the perfect thing

My sister is the one to do this!! She's smart and funny and intelligent and LOVES RON PAUL. She also has a face for the camera

We will get it done!