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As expected, Faux News disrespects Paul, and pumps Sanitarium

They of course elevated Bachman to top tier, talked about Perry being in the top tier, Pawlenty dropping out, and how Sanitarium did well and could pick up Pawlenty backers and move up!!! WTF, he got 9% and they were probably all the Catholics could muster, since it's well known the Church has always been his main backers in politics. He is polling about 5% nationally, and he could be moving up by getting 9% at the Straw poll, what??? The only acknowledgement came from Brett Baire, that Ron Paul did well, and spent 1/10th of what Bachman spent. Then Wallace skirted the comment and went on to talk about Perry getting in. The Iowa GOP Chairman made a comment that Iowa seems to like Bachman and Paul's smaller government and anti regulatory stance, but that's it. They never mentioned how in national polls have Paul in third and in statistical tie with Perry for second.

Faux News is nothing more than a Zionist war promoting network that would risk our nations demise, rather than go against Israel or the Fed policies that are bankrupting Americans. They want to play left vs right, and talk about the peripherals rather than the main problems. This is a concept, that will only make things worse rather than better. Faux News is nothing more than the counterpart of MSNBC. They both play the 'bait and switch' game of deception and should never be accepted as 'real' news, without further research, period!

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We are the media!

Don't worry about CNN and FOX news. We are the media. We can flood our neighborhoods with information about Ron Paul. It is more difficult, but actually more effective. Most people are disgusted with big media and we can take advantage of their weakness. They will lose, we will win.

We all need to rise up.

Against this. There is too much at stake here to let them just continue to dismiss Ron Paul and thereby ruining his chances.

This may well be the "second chance" for us to get Ron Paul into the White House, but there won't be another chance so we have to get it right this time.

Obviously sending out emails or phone them to complain about their censorship alone is not enough to make them stop.

The other day I was thinking about mass rallies outside the major media outlets, but the problem with that is that you probably don't get too many people interested in this to really make an impact.

Of course hurting them in their wallets is always a good idea, as well as expose them on the internet.

how do we declare war on the media?

That's the bigger issue here. It's the stranglehold over the people. The media would lose 50% of their power if people continue to cancel cable subscriptions. It's an infowar as Alex as coined, and it's so blantant it's admitted. The media is a branch of government designed to continue enslave us. It's as bad as the fed. END THE FED? How about END THE MSM?

If information is the currency of a democracy, even democrats should understand that our democracy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Murdoch and Turner.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


You said "Zionist"...

...you anti-Semite!!!


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If you own any shares in fox

sell em off.

Good idea

The best idea I've heard all day!

RP supporters are the most creative, any ideas?

Can we think of a way to turn this bias against RP and turn it against faux? To embarrass them? I know it may be hard for them to have any embarrassment, but shame them as a news organization.

Totally agree

I am just happy that even more people are going to wake up to the massive propaganda of the lame stream media. They lie, they have an agenda and it is not to set us free.

On another note, Backwards will not last and since she is being portrait as the darling of the Tea Party we should get some of her votes when she drops out. Coming to think of it they may keep her in just to dilute our vote and/or put in the other fake tea party darling - Palin.

They only have one goal and that is to destroy Ron Paul. The rest - except for Johnson - are all working for them.

One thing that we should press for is to get that idiot GOP leader replaced. What an insult to the Iowans voting for Ron Paul. I hope they can use his actions against him and get a fairer person to replace him before the caucus, that should be a priority.

You would think the people in

You would think the people in Iowa must be catching on by now as to how the media is constantly trying to spin the results to portray a different agenda.


But don't underestimate the media and the elite. And don't overestimate the people's ability to wake up. Waking up is extremely difficult and one can fall back in the fold at any time.

We must just keep educating people and show them the truth. Then God and time will take car of the rest.

Since when has Bachmann wanted "smaller gov't"?

How do you have "smaller gov't" while spending trillions of dollars on multiple undeclared wars in various parts of the globe, supporting a leviathan military/industrial complex with tax dollars, and spending massive sums of money in aid to foreign countries?
All of these things require gigantic bureaucracies, such as Homeland Security and TSA etc, which she apparently loves and voted for.

So, where is this groundless idea coming from, that Bachmann wants "smaller gov't"?
She's a freaking huge gov't socialist-spending monster.

Paying Lip Service to 'smaller government'

Worked for Reagan.

Leges sine moribus vanae

Yeah, and what kind of

Yeah, and what kind of smaller gov't kind of person get a law degree in taxation and works as an IRS attorney???

Your statements about her are correct

She is arrogant and is only part of the tea party due to the MSM. This video explains her stance. We need RevPAC to take footage of this and ask voters do you want a leader who embraces bush (literally) or a leader who embraces the words of the constitution.



-- Give me liberty or give me death --

I wouldn't worry about Mrs

I wouldn't worry about Mrs Backwards. She will not last. Don't waste energy on this competition.

We don't have to destroy her, she will do that herself when the time is right. We have a job to do. Let's keep our eyes on the ball.


Thats an interesting point. I am curious how the next debate will play out. I assume Romney vs Bachmann but I would love to see her try to answer a simple economics question from Ron Paul or a rebuttal on a topic from Paul.

-- Give me liberty or give me death --

The debates are only theater.

The debates are only theater. They are all on the same side including them from the other party. The whole thing is a show - like wrestling. They only debate to fooling us into thinking we have a choice and to keeping us busy with nonsense.

Then Ron Paul showed up and everything changed.

Now it is Ron Paul against all the rest. It doesn't matter who they throw into the mix. They are a team. They may change the quarterback to improve their chances but the team is still the team. That is what they are hiding from us. All the "contenders" may not know this, but there are people running the whole show and they will do what it takes to keeping the truth from coming out.

We just need to do what Ron Paul does and has done for decades. Educate the people. Spread the message. Keep the eye on the ball. Increase our numbers. Then we win.

Kung fu theatre

Yeah, I know. It always reminds me of a bruce lee movie where he has to kung fu fight each opponent from the gang one by one yet they still keep coming after him. Hopefully he can get the final death blow before they carry out their evil plot to take over the entire world.

Excellent analogy. They have

Excellent analogy.

They have a code of conduct they must follow and one of the codes is that they always have to tell the people what they are going to do. That is why they make films like the ones you mention. Hollywood tells the truth, the media lies. They have told us it is the other way around.

She is a lawyer working for the IRS against the people

what would you expect other than lies?

What Poll? Have a link for this comment?

"They never mentioned how in national polls have Paul in third and in statistical tie with Perry for second"


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Just watching Fox

and one idiot by the name of Tom Sayegh just said Paul followers were just a personality cult and another idiot named Corey Ealous said that the three front runners were Bachman, Romney and Perry. What a joke.

Jim Rogers

MSNBC phone interview Iowan Republican insider:

8/14/11, 11:10am.... It's a 3 way tie, Bachmann, Romney, Perry.

Go figure.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

I was surprised

I thought Sanitarium would come in behind Cain.
I doubt Pawlenty voters will flock to Sanitarium.
Sanitarium is going to get destroyed in NH.
But I do hope he hangs around, at least until the SC primary.
Also he will make for some great Ron Paul debate performances.

"Pumps Santorum" - ewww




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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make
violent revolution inevitable."
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More Important is What the GOP Did

The announcement of the winner by the GOP host disrespected ALL the Iowans who voted for anyone besides Bachmann.

He's made himself a target for removal, I would think.

I'm so glad I'm not a member of one of the dominant parties. Too many of them are power-hungry and unprincipled.

Libertarian party members would never elect (certainly never re-elect) officers who were so disrespectful of the rights of members.

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