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Pawlenty leaving presidential race!

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Sad to see people go LOL

If it wasn't an establishment candidate then it would be sad to see people leave their campaigning simply due to not having enough funds BUT that is how these elections are won sadly.

Ron Paul 4 President 2012

Bye Paw Paw lol

you can now get everyone to vote for ron paul so we can beat all the rest of the guys who vote "like" you as well pawlenty.

Who is next?

I see

newt, cain and santorum going away real quick and then bachmann.

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Dropping out

The consensus of the articles I've read here at DP (I admit that it could be coincidental to the articles that I've read) is that, since all of the opponents are just statists of varying degrees, that the more who stay in longer, the better, to split the vote. I've seen several clips (at least 4) of Ron saying the same, but one has to take that with a grain of salt because that was when candidates were entering the race, and any successful candidate must present things in a positive light for their own candidacy.

Therefore, though I can't help feeling happy about competitors losing, these drop-outs are serious impediments to our campaign, according to DPers and Ron Paul himself.

really a tie?

Do you know what "really" means? A difference of 0 votes would mean that they "really" tied. 152 != 0.

But there are several people here, most stridently HVACTech like here, who will assure you that you shouldn't even wish to tie, since 2nd place is better than 1st and "this was a perfect result".

It's too bad that we didn't come in first, and it's too bad that Pawlenty didn't stay in to split the statist vote more, but as many have noted, we have a great accomplishment and we should make progress against the MSM boycott.