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My message to Dr. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council

My message to Dr. Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, concerning the outcome of the Iowa Straw poll results: Please email him and let him know where you stand!


"I watched Tony Perkins interview this morning on one of the major media outlets concerning the outcome of yesterdays straw poll results. Although I think the race is still wide open, I am a little disheartened how Dr. Perkins basically dicredited Ron Paul in saying "that Dr. Ron Paul has gone just about as far as he is going to be able to go", which suggests he is not a viable candidate and does not appeal to the Pro-family ideals. As a Christain myself, raising four kids and trying to teach them the importance of peace and love within a family, economic and fiscal responsibility, and more importantly how to lead by example by having strong principles and not wavering as Christ teaches us-I am appalled that Ron Paul's positions are not being upheld in high esteem by the FRC. I am very disapointed and would expect some sort of explaination as to why a "man of God" such as Dr. Perkins would make such a claim! Makes me wonder if Dr. Perkins himself has been blinded?!? I am asking that the FRC please re-evaluate and reconsider their position in order to fully understand Ron Pauls message of freedom, peace, and prosperity and how this message is in line with the teachings of Christ in which families all over the World hold true! Looking forward to a response - preferably public. Thank you very much and God Bless your organization.

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I am,

as a Christian, appalled by the FRC and the AFA. I do not appreciate any of thier stances on international affairs. Additionally, I just watched a service from my church of birth (as a Born Again Christian) from San Diego (Horizon Christian Fellowship). What I saw was a video of SOLDIERS from the Sudan and they were talking about the ministry. It was filled with MILITARISM! I cannot seem to bring myself to complete a email to Mike McIntosh (pastor) on how offended I am over this blatant disregard to the prinicples of Jesus.

I am livid!!!

The Truth will set you Free

Just goes to show that pastors and big name conservative evangelist are not immune to deciet. It is our responsibility to make them aware.

The FRC is a "front group"

and is only ostensibly "family oriented" on the surface.
Underneath, they are totally co-opted.
There is no hope of help from them.


is a very notable organization, correct?! Any example of why your claim is valid? Curious minds want to know....

Oh yes, they are "notable".

Do some googling on them, and who is behind them, and connected to them.

Seek and ye shall find.