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Anybody see Steve King's speech at the Straw?

I understand that Steve King's a neocon, but the half of his speech that I saw on Cspan yesterday almost made me think he was supporting Ron. His vocabulary and stating of our economic problems was very Paulian.

I wonder if he took up neocon goals in the part of the speech that I missed, or otherwise diverged from Paul's positions. Anybody else see it?

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... loved his speech... full of liberty and freedom. He is a very good speaker. Comes a across as a man of the earth, far removed from the wall Street crowd. I'm disappointed to learn that he is a neocon. He voted against raising the debt ceiling. If he wasn't a neocon, he could have been a potential running mate. Anyway, I warmed to him.

Plano TX

Re: Yes

Use the Search tab and search for "Steve King" for some Paul-perspective history about him.