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I need a Big Sign Donated HELP!

I live on a very traversed street with a long red light such that people are constantly waiting in front of my house to proceed with their commute. I get constant cheers for my amazing barbeque, thank you thank you. "smells amazing" or "can i have some" are constantly being yelled through my fence at me while I'm cooking. Anywho i had a huge(5'x 4'?) Ron Paul 2008 sign promoting Dr Paul back in 2007 but sadly my sign died because i have a very hungry pit bull (which my tea cup chihuahua dominates btw) Now i can't seem to get a hold of another one so i need some help finding a big RP2012 to place in my front yard away from my dog. if you have one and would like to donate it to me i will put it to very good use. i don't have a bank acct or I'd purchase one myself

Click here:


to see the main street your sign will be located at (Washington and El Cajon Blvd for you San Diegans) so you can take a vacation and come cheer at it. OR I will shoot you if you come steal from me so BEWARE! the pit bull bites unless you support Dr Paul (i think she can sense that).

Thanks in advance.

Yours Truly,

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I need to get one too. I had

I need to get one too. I had the big 5' x 4' sign on my business at a very busy intersection in Littleton Colorado. I was just thinking about this. Its time to put it up. The city of littleton will call me and threaten to fine me because it will be up more than 3 months before the primary but oh well .. lol.. Hopefully those sign will be ready soon.

Post on Ronpaulforums, for

Post on Ronpaulforums, for this, too. There are a lot of sign guys seems like, over there as well..

i might suggest

deleting your phone number post haste.
it's easy enough to contact you through this site.

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