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Ron Paul's Republican Nomination Will Not Come with Help from Main Stream the Media

**This was posted about a week ago. I wanted to post it again as a reminder for everyone that was hoping a win in Ames would garner Paul positive media attention. It would not have come. The Ames Straw Poll was a victory for Ron Paul, all of his supporters, all of his future supporters, and the freedom movement that is sweeping across the country. The Media's lack of or negative attention can not rob us of that fact.**

Ron Paul's Republican Nomination Will Not Come with Help from Main Stream Media. With that being said, it is okay. We want so badly for the MSM to treat Ron Paul with the respect and credibility as other candidates. There's a hope that with a victory in the Ames Straw Poll for Paul he will then receive that repect, but it will not come. The MSM is protecting the system, and they will not support him in anyway as a whole like you see with Romney and Perry.

To keep him down in the polls, single digits, they will disreguard him like they have been doing. He is now starting to rise in the polls to double digits without any help from MSM, ranging from 10%-16%. With a win in Iowa, August 13th, Paul will most likely propel himself even higher in the polls. Once this happens disregarding Paul as "not having a chance" will no longer be a viable opition for the MSM.

The second stage attack of the MSM's obvious hatred of Paul will be discrediting him. Since they were not successful at making the people believe he had no chance they will have to speak of him as viable, but will switch over to a full on attack of his beliefs on popular issues. It will probably go something like this...
Don't Vote for Ron Paul Because He is Against;
Medicare, Social Security for Old People, Supporting the Troops in War, Healthcare for the Sick, Welfare for the Poor, Supports Heroin Addicts, Etc. Much of this we have already seen in samples but what has happened will pale in comparison to what they will try to do to his name once he establishes momentum.

The point of this is to say for those who are waiting for collective MSM support are waiting in vain. This is not bad news however. To win this election it will not be done with their help. This victory will come at the hands of a mass of supporters that believe so whole heartedly of what they say that the recruiting process has and will grow exponentially for Ron Paul supporters/voters. The system will never join. With Ron Paul we are taking down the system and their brainwashing control.

When I see the MSM desperatly trying to disregauard, and discredit Ron Paul it makes me happy to see their fear. How desperate they become to sway public opinion of him and the depths they are willing to dive into only truly reflect their fear. Don't become angry and demotivated when you see them doing it more and more and becoming more vigorous with their attacks, especially following the Iowa Straw Poll. See it as us having them against the ropes, desperate, throwing out all the stops, exposing their true nature with every feeble attempt. Every time they attack Paul they expose their true, biast agenda, for the public to see. They risk fully exposing themselves everytime they pull the trigger. And the larger his support grows the larger the disapproval of their biast attacks will equal.

This is a war that we can win, but we can't expect the MSM to switch sides. They will just increase the magnitude of their attack. Bring it on! They will be run by FEAR, and we will be propelled by FREEDOM!

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My prediction...

Here's the future: Ron Paul will come within a whisker of winning the nomination. His national polls among all voters will exceed the GOP's neo-con McCain clone, with his Bachmann VP to bait the gullible. He will run as a third party candidate and sweep the floor.

Plano TX