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Illinois for Ron Paul Registering Republican Voters

I live in IL and am surrounded by people that voted for Obama and are frustrated he hasn't lived up to any of his promises. Being someone who voted for Obama in 08, I understand the frustration. After finding Dr. Paul, and educating myself about the Constitution it is VERY clear that he offers the right path to a better future. Everyone I have been talking to is a Democrat, and all of them seem ready to vote for Ron Paul this election. There has to be a better way to spread the word of the "Blue Republican" to IL voters. We need the disgruntled democrats and independents to vote in the republican primaries to ensure a victory. Can anyone register voters? Is there a process you have to go through to become qualified to register citizens? I think if establishment Republicans saw that so many democrats and independents were voting for Ron Paul, it would be hard to ignore the mass influx of new Republicans. I think Ron Paul needs to use Obama's home state as a statement to republicans and democrats alike, that we have had enough and want real change, now.

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I am also in IL. We are

I am also in IL. We are actually an open primary state. You do not register R or D, just pick your ballot at the polling place. I checked on this for a friend a few months back. I think it works to our advantage here in IL. We do not need to get life long D's to register R which is a big deal to some. We only need them to show up to vote in the primary. That seems much easier.

That is REALLY good to hear.

That is REALLY good to hear. I know many democrats that may not be willing to switch parties or declare support for a republican, but might just vote Ron Paul behind closed doors. There is only so much fear mongering war that one can take!