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Chairman RNC Ames apologises to us

On a fox interview..weak, but he did it. That was a bebigging statement, in any event. :)

This should work..sorry..and bebigging is my new opposite of belittling

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Now he is in - he did what he

Now he is in - he did what he was told and he is now ready to be moved up in the GOP.

We should put pressure on him to go. He will be a problem for our campaign later on.

What apology? The Iowa RNC

What apology? The Iowa RNC chairman had something positive and optimistic about the losing candidates, even Rick Perry with "impressive" write-in vote of 700+ votes but he fails to mention Ron Paul as a leading contender with his essentially tied vote with winner Bachmann even when asked. This Republican (Chairman of Iowa RNC) is a transparent establishment shill. For shame) BTW Why don't all the figures add up?

Here's the video...


Why is it always the case that the mainstream media is apologizing to Ron Paul and his supporters? It really is revealing to the objective observer, but good luck trying to find objective observers listening to Fox News.

..thanks..did not see your

..thanks..did not see your correction, but did notice the comments so went back and fixed it. TY for having my back..:)
It was a weak apology and he should catch HELL from RP supporters in the party. That type of man in charge was the final straw as to why I left the GOP actively in this town.

Please rejoin. We need you

Please rejoin. We need you inside. Go get his job!

where's the 'apology'?

that link was just to RonPaulFormus dialog, right? And what's a "bebigging" statement?

Man, am I confused...

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

I Couldn't Find It Either

It must have been miniscule.

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He knows

the power of the Ron Paul movement and he knows his butt is potentially on the chopping block because of it.

He needs to go and he needs to go NOW. That was not acceptable and it is unforgivable!