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Ron Paul's near tie at Ames Straw Poll ignored by Sky News UK

More blatant manipulation from the media, this time in the UK.

It was the same on the BBC but I did not have a chance to record the report.


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I was listenning to the BBC last night and they completely ignored Ron Paul. It was all WarBachman...as if she had won by a landslide...they talked about Pointy Perry and ended the charade by saying that MittWitt is still the darling of the big republicon establishment and still the real front runner and the man to beat.

The effort to defeat us is Global.

Yes it is indeed global. The

Yes it is indeed global. The establishment has won all over the world. USA is the last frontier for freedom.

In Europe there is no liberty movement. They don't even know they need one. All are so brainwashed they think they are free.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free", Goethe.

UN, Nato, IMF and all the rest are establishment organizations. Media is owned by the establishment. None of them want to put the idea of freedom back into the heads of people. That's why we are being ignored, not only in USA but all over the world.

But people are waking up. They may not know exactly what the problem is, but they are not taking it anymore. They know the system is rigged. Look at London, Israel, most of the Middle East, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Iceland. The list goes on and on.

Blatant indeed.

Oh boy, how much longer can they continue with this disgusting behaviour?

Rupert Murdoch HATES Ron Paul!