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Girls going to LibertyFest in NYC Sept. 10th?

Who is going to LibertyFest Sept 10th in NYC? Tickets still cheap and we can figure out some lodging with the event planner if we hurry. If I can make it from Texas, you gals can...?

Tom Woods
Peter Schiff
Sheriff Mack
Jack Hunter
Stefan Molyneux
Mike Church
Jordan Page
and not a fan but Adam Kokesh

& many more



I couldn't help buying a ticket last week. Now I need to figure out how to get there! I bought 12 raffle tickets too, I am so easily convinced when discounts are offered, haha.


Liberty Wear @ http://zazzle.com/girls4ronpaul*

Please visit our store to help fund! If only more men were as accountable as Dr. Paul!

"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the Devil says "Oh shit, she's up!"

And boys allowed to join at libertariangirls.com as a "supportive member" ya know 4 moral support?

And love the guys to contribute, if you come up with an ideal you think others would want to see. What is your favorite medium though? U stream, livestream, etc.. My iphone qik vid appwoks well tooo.

I mean ideas for shows. Mostly be random stuff. I'll but on my boots, my RPG outfit and talk with the locals, play my guitar, or do a funny skit & Im not a grandma, I know a little sexy wouldn't be bad, but I want the women to all be OK with it. We can live stream to all cities with enough of us gals in it to host a pretty cool show.

Now its just a talk show, cause Im to lazy to get dressed up every night. Once or twice a week. I hope to run things past you too. Show ya a script almost. cause the reason I got the domain name ronpaugirl and the name on every other site after last election, was because I want to make sure his principles are represented correctly. The talk show gave me 4 months to practice. I think I got it down on every issue. Bring it.

And if you want something spread around the net, you could give to me to say (not saying it will go farther, but if u think it starts to, then that's what Im here for. Attention is good, right? I certainly wont get paid for it, I quit my day job to be condemned I'm sure. But Im not gonna stop after 3 years of this. If Im going Im going all out this time. (Like Ron)Girls/ Women want to get involved more than you think just dont know if they can or who to ask. This helps that issue.

And If some news show interviews me, thinking Im a ditz, cant wait to lay down some serious foreign policy on them, and not let the fed ever be a subject not mentioned. Monetary policy, Gold standard, and fake blonde hair. So what?

Oh yeah a camera man for RPTV 2012 is right by me too. so were set. I am seriously considering a road trip to every state with my Ron Paul fliers and gear. Im on a mission to infiltrate my (the) churches too. Have a handout made specifically for each denomination. Cause I hated getting Mccain flyer from my preacher in 08!

~Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.~ Perry sucks!http://libertariangirls.com/ http://facebook.com/ronpaulgirls

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