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I personally take responsibility for not working hard enough to get the 152 extra votes at Ames!

I promise to step it up a few notches for NH!

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I don't think it is the fault of

the campaign volunteers...read the post about corruption at the straw poll by Lew Rockwell.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Look on the bright side.

Ron did so well that he's really starting to scare the pants off the neo cons. He probably won, but that's not all that important. The important thing is he did extremely well, and didn't get squashed. The message is: he's not going away! They know that Bachmann spent a ton of money in Iowa. She gave out 6000 free tickets to Randy Travis in exchange for "votes", but guess what, she only garnered 4800 votes. That means over a thousand people took her freebies and then thumbed their noses at her. That's hilarious. Her campaign people are aware of this. Mitt was afraid to even enter, and Perry will see what it's all about before too long. It's easy to stand on the sideline and bask in all that media attention, but he'll have to get on stage soon. Ron Paul just keeps chugging along, not throwing any trash at his fellow contenders. It's almost like he's really not even considering them at all. I guess that's what you call the "high road" and it may work.

alan laney

Me too.

I stood with those who said "I'm contributing but I don't have time for phone calling."

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

All I am saying is, I know deep down I could have stepped it up

and gotten more votes ... so I'm laying it out there, that I pledge to do MORE for NH ... if some of you want to join me say so and let's go to work!! We have everything working against us ... the MSM, the NEOCONS, the FED ... no one said it would be easy ... but i won't be able to stomach losing by 152 again ... EVER!~

I could have done more too.

It takes courage to honestly examine yourself, and admit it in front of everyone. The important part is asking yourself THIS question: Do I think we have a chance at this, and I AM GOING FOR IT, or, do I think it is a lost cause?
We KNOW it is not going to be easy. Nothing worth fighting for ever is. Most of us are just trying to survive, much less change the direction of the country. I would also bet that MOST of us would rather be doing something else besides this.
I'm sure there were people during the original revolution running around saying, "It's not worth going against King George". "It's not worth sticking our necks out".

There is NO doubt that this is THE "David and Goliath" battle of our time. I know the odds, and the evil we are up against. But, what other choice IS there? WHAT OTHER CHOICE IS THERE?
I was told this
And as tom Woods says, "there's nothing more satisfying than fighting for what's right" (paraphrasing)

I think the question that needs to be posed to everyone from Jesse Benton and staff, right down to people in the trenches is this:
Can we MANIFEST destiny? Or, is it already planned out, and we should just lie down and take it?

We've been given a place to gather, strategize, and mobilize, thanks to Michael and his family, the people who financially support this site, and help maintain it.

I firmly believe, that if we take it ONE step at a time, and FOCUS our small but mighty efforts in the right places at the right times, that WE CAN manifest destiny.
"A Tireless Minority"

I'd also like to think that "the people" are getting an increasing appetite for truth, and are tired of the same old BS. If there is ONE message that comes out of Iowa, it's that people are NOT responding to what they "perceive" to be establishment hacks.
We have TRUTH on our side, we have the internet,(for now)
and we have the most talented, intelligent, and creative supporters out of anyone. We have made GREAT strides, but have room for improvement. RP does as well, and I am going to do my best to try and cultivate that connection, and give us an opportunity help refine the message, and shape the debate.

The question is not about, if we CAN be a force to be reckoned with, but rather WILL we be?


You are all great Patriots who would fight for the cause. Good luck to us all.


is taking personal responsibility "nonsense"?

Personal responsibility is necessary for "liberty" to prevail.

The reason people fear liberty, is because they don't want to TAKE personal responsibility for their actions, or lack thereof in this case. They want OTHERS to take care of their needs.

There's no question "we are great patriots", but "luck" is not a basket I'm willing to put any eggs in.
The MSM has already SHOWN they are not on our side. The "establishment" in general, is obviously not going to be on our side.
It's going to take a GREAT DEAL of WORK and FOCUS, and if some luck comes along the way, then that is a bonus.
I personally admire nmlifestyles for taking personal responsibility. Some could take a lesson from this.

Same here, I feel bad about

Same here, I feel bad about not having done enough to get Paul more votes and win the straw pol to push him to frontrunner status and ultimately win the Presidency. NH here we go!!!

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There, now that blame's been assigned, we can all move on.


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