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How Long Do You Guess Until Michele Bachmann Drops Out?

I think that once the next fox debate is on there will only be 3 main guys and I don't see bachmann being up there for long.

She isn't TEA PARTY enough for the ron paul supporters AT ALL and she doesn't LOOK gop friendly like perry is.

Bachmann won't be around long BUT I find it funny how she thinks she will.

What I want Ron to do is take that statement she keeps trying to shove into peoples heads and make it his own WHICH IS.

"With your help I will make Obama a ONE TERM PRESIDENT!!!!"

Everytime she says it I laugh because we all know SHE isn't going to be the one to take on obama and I am also excited because all of her so called tea party supporters will have to go somewhere.

Lets see how real deal these so called constitutionalist patriots are when they have to decide between perry or ron paul for the repubican nomination.

I wonder how many of HER tea party supporters will decide to flip and vote for WHOEVER is the repub nom no matter WHO it is?????

I think we should start educating bachmann supporters and at the same time figure out WHY anyone is supporting her especially when they are trying to call her some "balance budget" this and that even though she ALWAYS compromises.

How could she NOT have done better in a state she is a 7 generation iowan? You think she would have destroyed ron paul due to her having had homefield advantage.

She won't be here long and I hope Ron can come up with some great marketing to attract her voters to the REAL tea party.

If it is simply due to Ron's foreign policy then THAT needs to be explained better BY US. We need to educate those bachmann supporters about how ron IS a christian and understands the whole "terrorist" thing BUT he also gets our economy and WHY these people would want to harm us.

I didn't get it BEFORE ron so we need to realize that people still need to WAKE UP. I just hope we do our best not to burn bridges with bachmann supporters by trashing her.

She just won't defeat perry or anyone they prop up due to the gop money that will back that person and they will indeed stop covering her on fox and other networks soon enough.

Good effort bachmann, I hope you research your foreign policy reasoning so that more young men and women can come home and RAISE THEIR KIDS and ENJOY LIBERTY with us.

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her Beltway handlers tell her to.

"For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin