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Ron Paul must go all out anti-war

The pro-war crowd must be made to defend the position of heathens. War is inhuman and the reasoning which serves its promotion is flawed in the eyes of anyone who devotes to the subject any modicum of logical thought. The limited resources of our Earth are consumed by war in a proportion which clearly inhibits the progress of civilization. War takes those things which encompass our humanity; life itself is lost.

We can take back our humanity with a few hard lines and it can be done as easily as the propaganda of the violent brutes has mangled the thoughts of otherwise decent beings. This is no small matter; it is, rather, something close to everything which matters. In a world which allows us to communicate as easily as we do, the excuses which permit the implements of death should be easy to expose.

More specifically, Ron Paul must completely embrace the only position which will differentiate him in the eyes of the average voters. This is the only way by which he might have a chance. Those who argue that widespread death is a means to the end of safety in our homeland--their eyes must be looked into with great sadness. They must be asked directly why they find solution in murder. The values which place an importance upon life are near universal, but the logical connection which should show that war is a massive contradiction of these values has been lost. Or, considering the history of civilizations, perhaps the connection has never been fully realized.

Everything should be focused on this message. Among the Presidential candidates Paul’s positions on economics are the only ones which are sound, but to those who don’t devote personal research to such matters all of the candidates sound the same. The anti-war message, though, is relatable by methods which can take the form of only a few basic questions or exclamations. Ron Paul should be more adamant and concise when he addresses those who see usefulness in war, and he should do so at every turn: “Senator Santorum, why do you align yourself with unreasonable brutes? Characteristics pervade you which depict your lack of humanity; this is evidenced by your promotion of death and your reliance upon threats of violence. Not only should you and those who share your views be looked upon in the way that one might see the worst kind of criminal; additionally, you should be viewed as stupid because the good things which you claim violence serves clearly do not come about in the manner which you describe. Violence and threats do not and will not give us safety--this obvious conclusion can be drawn quickly by the use of basic logic.”

Everything in Ron Paul’s campaign should focus on such an unapologetic message. He is the ONLY anti-war candidate--this is his most important strategic advantage. Any attempt to hide his views on foreign policy in an endeavor to appeal to the Republican establishment are in jest because the truth of his stance will always, in the end, be unveiled. Any effort to skirt around this issue should be completely eliminated. If an effort is made to disguise Paul's true feelings, the implication is made that he might be wrong. He's not wrong. All ads, every interview, every debate--as he is questioned by warmongers he must throw their stupid inhumanity in their face. They must be rejected with every possible emotional and intellectual tool. He must ask them at every opportunity why they have such a strange preference for death and destruction. The certainty which is truth is more evident in this issue than any other. We are right. Ron Paul is right. We’re on the side of good and it should be known. War is not delicate and it should not be dealt with as such. Let them give their excuses for killing and starving children. Force them into a defense of their derangement.

Such a method of campaigning will give Paul the only hope of gaining the attention which is required for his election. That most human part of our organism must be appealed to.

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Bring 'em home alive.

Bring 'em home alive.

Sometimes I wish ron paul

Sometimes I wish ron paul would be as immoral as his colleagues and sucker punch them... throw in little bombshells about mitt romney flip flopping or michelle bacuhman saying she was a doctor.

Oh it'd be great.

But Ron Paul's a good guy and wouldn't stoop to those levels.


when they say something retarded, he should hand them a copy of the constitution, and tell them to read up.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

I think Ron

Should pull out his light saber at the next debate!!

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

what Ron Paul *should*/*needs to* do . . .

is be Ron Paul.

What *we* (sorry to collectivize) *should*/*need to* do is . . .

learn the message of liberty and share it with others.

'nough said.

or, by all means, BE anti-war, and *let* Dr. Paul *be* what he is!


What he is works, because it is what he is; what YOU are works, because it is what you are.


Individual liberty!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I disagree

Ron Paul needs to win the Republican Primary. The winning strategy to win over the neo-cons is not by "going all out anti-war". They will fight that all the way. Nobody likes beign told that they are wrong outright. We need to focus on the financial problem and deftly tie in the foreign policy into that discussion IMHO.

If he runs third party, that will be a different story...

How much more anti-war can he

How much more anti-war can he get than bringing all troops home immediately?

I agree somewhat

I agree this is a very important message. I agree it is a great way to get Democrat support. I agree peace is the only way.

What I don't agree with is the "one size fits all" approach.

I suggest Ron Paul continue to do exactly what he has been doing. Why change a winning formula?

Ron Paul has taught me so much about so many issues. He is waking up all kinds of people from all walks of life and with all kinds of belief systems.

This is his strength and the strength of the liberty movement. Isn't diversity both the beauty and the foundation of liberty?

Ron Paul's message is a message for everyone. Liberty is universal. We don't want to turn him into the average "hard hitting" politician.

Ron Paul can win people over everywhere by talking about their main issue and explain why liberty is the solution. That is why we are winning.

Ron Paul MUST and Ron Paul SHOULD

It seems there is a whole genre of threads here at the Daily Paul, where the OP's impudently dictate terms to Ron Paul. That is disrespectful.

You, couvi, are amazingly articulate and have very good points, but perhaps you will consider delivering them differently? After all, respect is inherent in peace.

thank you . . .

I, too, grow 'weary' of hearing all of the advice given to this older, wiser man from many who can't possibly be as old and wise--LOL!

Truth is that RP is RP; *let* him be RP.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I agree, bring 'em home alive, Ron Paul 2012

Anti-war is what distinguishes Ron Paul from the other candidates. It is why Ron Paul will beat Obama in the main election. But those who support Ron Paul must remember, we are the media, we get out the message. It cannot be all on Ron Paul and we cannot expect big centralized media to do the work for us.

Peace vs War Propaganda

I thought that Dr. Paul's assessment of the other candidates replies concerning Iran was dead on. He must stress that what the other candidates are doing is promoting war propaganda like they did with Iraq and Libya. Most of Americans are tired of the wars. Bring the troops home! That is what Ron Paul is all about.

absolutely agree. it's what

absolutely agree. it's what made him so popular the last time around. americans are completely disenchanted with the war, especially now, and it would do him some good to keep drilling that message. but also, i think he is already making a point of doing just that in most questions posed in the debates.


Peace candidate usually has good success in the elections.

ie. Just look at the rise of the current President ;)


Agree 100%...

The more Dr. Paul talks about peace, being antiwar and bringing ALL the troops home in the debates the more the Independents and even some Democrats will FLOCK to him. Especially in the OPEN Primary states.

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

The pro-war stance: "they're arabs...duh, they'll kill everyone"

And frankly, most of America bought it.

To sell our side to the people, instead of trying to prove the arabs are decent people, we should say that it's better to pull back and fix the homeland than risk Israel be attacked by Iran...which is Ron Paul is pretty much doing.

This saying comes to mind: "a bird in hand (fixing domestic problems) is worth two in the bush (foreign policy)."

And if folks are still afraid of Iran, just say we have satellites to watch them and if they get a nuke, we'll dismantle them. But we don't need to continue taking over governments.

He just needs to stay on message

and be honest about his policy. He doesn't need to go radicle, which he is not. Why would you change message when they all are coming to him?

Anti-undeclared war. Put the process back in place.
Get rid of a Presidency that would be a Dictator.

Be smart.

What a real joke is that in

What a real joke is that in 2008, Obama's 'Bring the troops home' campaign rhetoric got him elected and then he reversed his position and reneged on his promise like everything else. Here Ron Paul has always advocated bringing the troops home and is being marginalized by the press for it as part of his campaign. I guess the problem is Ron Paul really will bring the troops home...(alive)

Note, also, that the

Note, also, that the moral/emotional argument is one that will appeal to women--a demographic among which support for Paul suffers.

Anti-War +the option to Opt-Out of the Federal entitlements

These 2 things here are to me the definitive items that distinguish Ron. I think it's going to work too. I also look forward to when all the "MSM is ignoring Ron Paul" - no #### they're ignoring Ron ... but it's time to move past that for right now and look forward to the next challenges.

I think a better plan is for...

a list of former CIA and military surrogates, such as Michael Scheuer, appear for Ron Paul.

Absolutely as long as ...

Absolutely as long as he ALSO makes clear that he is not being naive and not talking about weakness.

He REALLY needs to start talking not only about undeclared wars... but also about STRONG national defense. There is no reason he can not explain that we should mind our own business (talk softly but carry a big stick), but if someone attacks us they will get hit in return 100 fold.

He can be anti-idiotic war .. and STILL be for Just War.

He isnt going to win unless he starts directly relieving peoples fears about the flip side of his positions.

Just War,

is fair and defensible. But just war is also interpreted as war for Israel, - this is part of the neo-con agenda, in collusion with AIPAC, John Hagee, Glenn Beck, Cantor,- even Chuck Norris in on a tour of Israel with Beck. This aspect of foreign policy has to be sorted out to the satisfaction of the emotional Christian Coalition. They do Not listen to reason, they think it a duty to fight the 'enemies' of Israel, who are in actuality the victims of Israeli military aggression, all funded and supported by the U$A.

The right wing conspiritors have not been in power for 23 years.

the Christian right wing went out the door when Clinton took over the Country. Wake up.
These wars are NOT Christian based. They are NWO based. Go figure.

Christianity and War

PoW, you will appreciate this article, -
Christianity and War, - by Laurence M. Vance,

Lawrence is a faithful scholar, gives Biblical references.


... YES ... YES!!!!!

That's the way to totally differentiate himself and draw in the independents and disaffected Democrats. I'm dreaming of him running as an independent and winning with the GOP's McCain clone coming in a distant third.

Plano TX

It would be great to call out antiwar dems on this

I would love to see any obama supporter try and state why HE is the peace canidate compared to ron paul.

What the hell could they say? They can't use the republican talking points could they? lol

Ron needs to get into a debate arguement with perry about this..

For instance

Ron Paul - SO rick are you saying you don't agree with the active duty soldiers who donate TWICE AS MUCH to my campaign than EVERYONE ELSE up here in this stage COMBINED?

Please explain yourself because I believe OUR TROOPS would love to see why THEY are wrong.

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Are you so sure?

What the hell could they say? They can't use the republican talking points could they? lol

.... They already do.

When Republicans were bad mouthing Obama about Libya the left was talking about the Republicans being weak on a dictator.

Dont forget Vietnam was started by LBJ ... the left has no problem demagoguing the pro-peace position.

I agree

He needs to be THE Anti-War candidate, and call out all of the Anti-Bush war protesters in a polite manner. Bring more Dems to our side; for Liberty!

The tides are changing!

End The Un-Declared

End The Un-Declared Wars!
Vote Ron Paul 2012

Call for a FREE Ron Paul 2012 Bumper Sticker
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I'm thinking about running this ad locally.

I 100% agree that this is the winning argument. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is against these wars. In marketing this is called an USP, or Unique Selling Proposition.

Focusing on this will get more votes from Dems AND fed up Republicrats. This is how Ron can win!!!

Great post!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown