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Red Alert! - We Need Ron Paul Delegates!

Red Alert!! - We Need Ron Paul Delegates !!

You must all SIGN UP to become RON PAUL DELEGATES. Delegates is what counts friends of liberty. The GOP Convention will dictate who wins the GOP Nomination and without Ron Paul Delegates we lose, they win!

Don't be afraid to become a delegate. Just voting for Ron Paul is not enough. You can't move the carriage without the horse..

House Speaker John Bohner will preside at the convention. Make that Neocon recognize Ron Paul with your vote.

Sign up before Perrys People beat you to it!

This is a "Red Alert!!"

Ron Paul 2012..Be there!



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Because it's almost Friday again =)

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to cheer me up because it's Monday =(

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Because it's FRIDAY!!!!

Happy Friday everyone.

Much Luv and Respect.

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Because you CAN NOT have any doubt that THIS is how you win!

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Because I really think Dr. King would support Dr. Paul =)


Good message ...

Here is the site for info on delegates nationwide etc.

This is BIG site with a LOT of info. Take your time and look around. Anyone who is going to give it a go must go to their individual states for more detailed info. I put links for delegate info.


R & D Caucus/Primary by State
(Alphabetical and Chronological)







Ron Paul is My President

In Pennsylvania...

In order to become a republican delegate to the RNC you must get signatures/run/campaign and get on the ballot in your Congressional
District and win. I ran for delegate in 2008 to support Dr. Paul and although I didn't win, a friend of mine who was also supporting Dr. Paul did win and did go the RNC. I attended the Rally for the Republic across town. The process for getting on the ballot for republican delegate to the RNC in Pennsylvania will start soon. I urge everyone who is able to run or become a delegate to find out what's involved in your particular State and do it.

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Because this is how we win it..... =)

There is nothing more important

Everyone needs to be doing this. Find out your local state laws and sign up on the official campaign site as well.


We can win the pop vote and win more states, but if Romney has more delegates we can still lose.

We need to do this.

This is the link.

This is the link to sign up!

Paul ante portas.

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Because it was a great debate day =)

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because if you REALLY want to do something to help...THIS is it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't be fooled..popular vote means nothing. It is totally about the delegates..I don't care who tells you differently!

Each state is different..so the process in your state could be different than in my state. Grab the bull by the horns and call your State Capitol and ask for the Dept. of Elections or Board of Elections and without telling them who you support...find out what it takes in YOUR state. For right now, all they need to know is that you are a Republican who wants to beat President Obama.

Do it...get up and do it. THIS is more important than phone calls, brochures, polls... any of it. It is the delegate who chooses the Nominee.

In some states the popular vote determines who gets delegates

I know that is how it works in California for example.

Plus the popular vote effects fund raising ability and media attention which are especially meaningful quantities in a long drawn out race to the convention. Those factors affect delegate counts because in my personal experience many people sign up to be delegates on the precinct level on caucus day and don't show up to the district convention because by then the media has called the winner so they think it is over but in reality the delegates haven't been selected yet.

It is important that we do all we can to get as many delegates to the national convention as possible and that includes trying our best to win the popular vote.

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Because THIS is the Year!!! And THIS is how we get it done!

Much Luv and Respect =)

Here is how to be a delegate.

Here is how to be a delegate. Sign up TODAY!


Great link!

Great link. Thank you. I signed up.

Paul ante portas.

I Signed Up and the Campaign Interviewed Me

It appears they need an equal number of women to be delegates too, so I offered to pay for flight, room, and board of a woman delegate - traveling on their own without me of course. It's not like that.

I wouldn't depend on the

I wouldn't depend on the campaign to get you into the delegate process. Check out your own states rules and then double/triple cross check with various areas of your states gop party.

I want to give the

I want to give the ronpauldelegates.com to someone. Let me know and you can have the FTP, etc.

No need, just set it up so

No need, just set it up so your domain redirects to http://www.ronpaul2012.com/delegate/

If you don't know how to do that, I'm sure someone here can assist.

Now what?

I signed up on the website a while back. What is the next step?


You might not want to wait for the Campaign. Call your State Capitol and ask for the Dept. of Elections or the Board of Elections and find out from them what the requirements are to become a delegate.

They do not need to know your Candidate in order to help you, so don't mention it...that way you'll know you're getting the same treatment as anyone else.

In my state...the Board of Elections sends out a packet. Inside it are the "signature sheets", a breakdown of how many signatures you need for whatever you are running for (because in MY state delegates are elected), and a sheet telling you the steps and procedures you need to do to process those papers and when you can start/finish to meet the deadlines.

Your state might work differently so that is why you should call your Capitol Building.

Post back here if you want and I'll try to help you with questions if I can =)

Much Luv and Respect :]



BUMP of the day...

Because there are only two days left of 2011!

Is it too late to become a delegate?

;)I love the Blues Brothers

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012


It depends on your particular state.

Best way to find out is to call your State Capitol and ask for the Dept. of Elections or Board of Elections and then you can find out.

States do delegates differently, so that is the best place to get answers...and...if your state is like PA...you can also request the packet you need so that you can become a delegate to be mailed to you =)

Much Luv and Respect :]

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