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Red Alert! - We Need Ron Paul Delegates!

Red Alert!! - We Need Ron Paul Delegates !!

You must all SIGN UP to become RON PAUL DELEGATES. Delegates is what counts friends of liberty. The GOP Convention will dictate who wins the GOP Nomination and without Ron Paul Delegates we lose, they win!

Don't be afraid to become a delegate. Just voting for Ron Paul is not enough. You can't move the carriage without the horse..

House Speaker John Bohner will preside at the convention. Make that Neocon recognize Ron Paul with your vote.

Sign up before Perrys People beat you to it!

This is a "Red Alert!!"

Ron Paul 2012..Be there!



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I went to my first GOP event today and donated. First step to being a delegate.

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

Woot Woot!!!

Much Luv and Respect =))

Sure wish I was

…. in an early State because I am ready and raring to go. In PA we don’t vote until April 24. We can’t get our signatures to become a delegate until January 23rd, and we have until February 16th to send them into the State Commission. In Pa we can’t even put out Political signs until February 24th.

By that time, we will pretty much know where Dr. Paul stands … if you all do your job on the front end … those of use on the tail end will close the gap. And I know - the early States have the harder job - the last States will have the Ron Paul momentum from the early State wins. So please sign up!

Please enjoy, "RON PAUL And All That Jazz"
Central Pa, Lycoming County, Williamsport

early or late

It doesn't really matter if your state is early or late, as long as you become a delegate.

The national convention is where it happens, and only delegates matter.

say this again

we can't put a sign up in our yard? OR do you mean if we are running for a delegate we can't put a sign out? I have had a sign in my yard (in PA) for a while now, and one on the back of my car.

i just bought it and put it out. Please clarify if there is some obnoxious rule that I can't have a sign out just as a regular citizen.

We can have delegates in PA. I don't get this stuff. I thought delegates were only for caucus states?


Breath a sigh of relief my friend...ofcourse you can decorate your lawn and car as you wish. =)
((although some townships do have rules about how long political signs of any nature can be displayed..but there are ways around that))

As for the delegate process...EVERY state has delegates it's just HOW those delegates are gotten is different.

In PA, the delegates are elected by the voters themselves. You may have voted for delegates before and not even realized it.

If you want...you can send me a private message and I can try to break it down for you. (((That goes for anyone from PA that wants to know))

Much Luv and Respect =)

PA Delegate

I'm looking to become a delegate in PA as well... I just started looking into the process, I've called the PA Secretary of State /Election Division and they said to call back after the New Year to request the forms. Does this sound right? Do we have to get elected in our district first, then at the state level? Also does anyone have a time line and the tasks which need to be completed to become a delegate in PA?

The way it works in PA....

Hey there PA_delegate_1 =)

Here is a post I did the other day...hopefully it will help you a bit...I also responded to myself in that post about what a delegate does...


Much Luv and Respect =)

I'm in PA as well....

and yeah...kinda stinks that we are on the back half...however....the part about signs...

You can have signs on your lawn that aren't political...so...how about the "Revolution" logo or even better a "support the troops" sign and in smaller letters Ron Paul...

And if you check..there are other ways to get around things too...like if you have the big sign in your front window or garage window..ect... then they aren't in violation of code.

Much Luv and Respect to a fellow PAer..

BUMP of the day...

Me again....yup yup...doing the bump...

Which makes me think of KC and the Sunshine Band...lol

this is the !!!!only!!!! way

this is the !!!!only!!!! way to get Ron Paul elected!!!!

BUMP of the day...

bump bump bumpity bump....


hahaha...I couldn't help it...lol.

BUMP of the day...

Because I put my "Ron Paul" sign out on my lawn today =)))))

Now I get a big smile as I leave my home or return to it...it's the little things in life ya know ;p

Yeah I know what you mean.

Yeah I know what you mean. Feels good to see the stickers on my car everyday.

BUMP of the day...

Now that the "BTO" moneybomb is over I can return to the everyday "bump" and grind....LOL...ok..lame joke I know.

But seriously....Bump of the day.

**also..keep in mind..unless actually asked..you normally don't mention WHO you are supporting...you just are a concerned republician wanting to be a delegate. Although if someone asked me..I'd be principally unable to utter another candidates name...lol

Much Love and Respect fellow Patriots!
Hold the line =)

Mitt Romney will pick up quite a few

Wouldn't it be good if we also tried to become Mitt Romney delegates (in states/districts were there are more Ron Paul delegate candidates available than necessary to fill delegate posts). That way the delegates Mitt "earns" are, in fact, Ron Paul's.

I think we should consider this stratagem.

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Sounds good

all's fair, I say.

Except, I recently found out

Except, I recently found out that the delegates are delegates of their respective state, not delegates of a candidate.

So, depending on the law of the respective state they come from they have to vote a certain way in the first round or rounds. Afterwards they are free to vote for whoever they like.

UFOs are real
4 Hour Witness DVD (radar operators, pilots, scientists, military)
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud49Gh9yYLs
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpHAxxRKksQ

This is the best way to get

This is the best way to get RP elected.

As far as I know, this is the

As far as I know, this is the only way to get RP elected as Pres.

Must get the delegates. I'm working on becoming a delegate in my state.

This is where I'm putting

This is where I'm putting most of my energy this cycle.

Repost here. Can also be found under the delegates

section of this forum.
Here is your starting point to get involved with the GOP, make change and more importantly become a delegate and help Dr. Paul win.


Bump for Activism!

Never let it be said that WE did nothing, that no one cared..


don't we do a seperate money bomb for these deligates?

It can't be easy to be a deligate, and put time aside to do this. Deligates I guess are hard to come by. It sucks but like Paul says if you want MORE OF IT subsidise it. So lets subsidise these Deligates.


Are you in a caucus state?

Are you in a caucus state? If so, find out about the process and you can become a delegate. It's not that hard to be a state delegate.

Let's GO, Let's GO, Let's GO!!!


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

I've started keeping a spreadsheet of the Ron Paul supporters th


I've started keeping a spreadsheet of the Ron Paul supporters that I meet. I ask them if they will canvass with us, vote in the primary, and/or come to the caucus for the delegate process. I get their contact information and tell them I'll be calling them back in the future for what ever item they want to help accomplish.

It's been one week and I already have found 6 people who weren't in the meetup group last time to help us this time. I suggest that everyone do something similar so that we will be better prepared for primary and caucus season.

I am looking for TX delegates to help

me figure this out. I would like to become a delegate in Austin,TX or just help get somebody nominated. I read a couple of links, but I don't understand completely. Is there any TX delegates that can help me understand the process a little better?


Sign up with your local

Sign up with your local meetup.com group for RP.

Phone up your local GOP or even the county clerk & recorder. Asked them when/where the caucus will be held.

Dress conservative, be friendly, and have your neighbors vote YOU to represent them at the state convention.

We Need Them Delegates More Than Ever!

Delegates, Delegates, Delegates..