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Red Alert! - We Need Ron Paul Delegates!

Red Alert!! - We Need Ron Paul Delegates !!

You must all SIGN UP to become RON PAUL DELEGATES. Delegates is what counts friends of liberty. The GOP Convention will dictate who wins the GOP Nomination and without Ron Paul Delegates we lose, they win!

Don't be afraid to become a delegate. Just voting for Ron Paul is not enough. You can't move the carriage without the horse..

House Speaker John Bohner will preside at the convention. Make that Neocon recognize Ron Paul with your vote.

Sign up before Perrys People beat you to it!

This is a "Red Alert!!"

Ron Paul 2012..Be there!



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Its not to early.. you need

Its not to early.. you need to get involved with your local GOP. See if you can become your precinct captain.


I agree, it's not too early to get involved with your local GOP.

It just seems like everyone is panicked about becoming a delegate today when there's really nothing you can do right now to become a delegate (unless you are in Washington or Wyoming).

As you said though, I would encourage everyone to get involved in their local GOP and become known amongst the members.

You are incorrect, if you

You are incorrect, if you don't register to become a delegate in MOST STATES now you will not be a delegate at all, the registration process is priority, some states the registration is already closed.

Please don't provide incorrect info like this uless you can post the bylaws that show otherwise. there is not a One size fits all for every district, county and state.

CA is completely different than 99% of the country when concerning the delegate process.


I've done a lot of research on this and there is not ONE state where it is too late to become a delegate. Please let me know which state is too late.

I've researched into the bylaws of every caucus state and wrote down the process at Ron Paul Forums. For some primary states, delegates are chosen by the campaign and some are chosen during election day.

If you say I'm wrong, prove it.

SOUTH CAROLINA - Find out fast everyone - on a matter of this

importance you don't want to be wrong. Double check asap then get a different opinion - if you are known as a rp supporter. you may get incorrect info - get a copy of the rules and read them yourself. Way to important to wing-it!!!

You are bringing up

You are bringing up information and opinion from 2007, it is the bylaws that need to be researched, the rules can change yearly, even monthly.

Some states require you to have voted republican 2 years prior to the national election to even become a delegate.

Very few states are chosen by a candidates slate of delegates being selected by the campaign, you must still resister to become a delegate before you will even be considered.

While your intentions seem good, you are only giving partial information as to the process of being a delegate while leaving out the most important part that YOU MUST REGISTER before the deadline to become or even be considered a delegate.

People need to be responsble and do some research themselves to confirm what needs to be done.


Let's agree that we need to stop talking in blanket statements because we both agree that every state is different.

I wrote down the processes for the following states:
Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Maine, North Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming.

If anyone has questions for those states, you can ask me.

Can you explain the process to everyone for your state?

So frustrated I want to scream!

I've read the bylaws for my state. I emailed my local Campaign for Liberty, they told me to contact the official campaign. I emailed them no response. I contacted my State Repub Party. They won't tell me anything, other than to contact my County Repub Party. They won't tell me anything, other than to show up to the meetings. I've attended two meetings and gently inquired into the delegate process, and they brushed me off.

I'm ready willing and able to become a delegate, and no one will definitively tell me how.

This is lame, conspiratorial, I tried, good luck on ya.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

What state?




When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


There's nothing to be done for California.

The campaign will gather names of 6 people per Congressional District (3 delegates and 3 alternate delegates) and submit that list to the Secretary of State.

If the campaign does not have people for each Congressional District, they will surely seek volunteers.

Whatever Congressional District Ron Paul wins, those 3 delegates and 3 alternates will go to the Republican National Convention in support of Ron Paul.

In the dark here in WISCONSIN

I've done some digging and a LOT of reading and still haven't a clue if I need to be a county, state, or national delgate... which is most important and where do I start?

Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.


Wisconsin will hold county caucuses where delegates will be elected. In order to be considered for election, you either must fill out a form or nominate yourself at the county caucus. All this will happen in 2012. Just make sure you are a member in good standing with the Republican Party (you have voted Republican in the last election or you are a dues paying member of the Republican Party).

You start in your

You start in your county/district you will be voted on for state and national later.

Go here : http://www.delegatetraining.com/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=619



Click on the County's website for more info on bylaws and becoming a delegate

About Arapahoe County

in Colorado: the bylaws say the Congressional and State delegates are elected at the County assembly. This is misleading. At the Central Committee meeting, which will be held within the next month or two, they will pass a provision to allow the higher delegates to be elected at the caucus level, not the county level. They've been doing things this way for years. If you're in this county, just know ALL the delegates get elected at caucus in Arapahoe County.

COLORADO RESIDENTS!!! (Douglas County)

For Douglas County here is the information for becoming a delegate:

Find Here: http://www.dcgop.org/Contact

Go To: Bylaws under: About Us

Page 14 and on

Section 1. Date of Caucus.
Precinct Caucuses shall be held on the second Tuesday of April in even-numbered years at a public place in
or proximate to each precinct as fixed by the Precinct Committee People or District Captains and
ratified/acknowledged by the DCR Executive Committee, and notice of such caucuses shall be posted as
required by laws.
Section 2. Eligibility to Vote.
Persons satisfying the following requirements shall be eligible to participate in and vote at a precinct
A. Age. Eighteen years of age or older.
B. Citizenship. Citizen of the United States.
C. Residency. A resident of the precinct for which the caucus is being held for no less than twentyfive
(25) days.
D. Registration. Affiliated with the Republican Party for at least two months as shown on the
registration books of the County Clerk and Recorder. However, any registered Republican who has
attained the age of eighteen years within the two months immediately preceding such meeting or
any registered Republican who has become a naturalized citizen within the two months
immediately preceding the meeting may vote. (C.R.S. 1-3-101)
Section 3. Procedure.
A. Election of Caucus Officers. The Committee People in attendance at the caucus shall act as the
Chairman and Secretary of the caucus as they determine by lot or choice between them. If only one
Committee Person is present, such person shall act as Chairman and a Secretary shall be elected
from and by the eligible voters who are present. If no Committee Persons are present, then the
Chairman and Secretary shall be elected by a majority of the eligible voters who are present and
B. Election of Delegates and Alternates.
1. The members of each precinct caucus shall elect the number of delegates and alternates to
the County Assembly and/or County Convention as stated in the call of the Caucus, and
which are in addition to any at large delegates as provided for in ARTICLE VII, Section 2,
and shall elect alternates for such at large delegates. Nominations for delegates may be
made by any eligible voter who is present, including the nominee, and a nomination does
not need a second. Persons, not present but otherwise eligible to be elected as a delegate or
alternate, may be nominated. The Committee People, shall be nominees as delegates to the
County Assembly and/or Convention. Delegates and alternates shall be elected in the order
in which they receive votes. Those persons receiving the greater number of votes shall be
elected delegates until all delegate places are filled. Persons receiving votes, but not elected
as delegates, shall be elected as alternates until all alternate places are filled. If two or more
candidates receive an equal number of votes for the last available delegate or alternate
place, the delegate or alternate place shall be determined by lot among those persons tied
for the place.
2. The at large delegates, if any, to the County Assembly and/or County Convention as
established by the DCR Executive Committee shall be in addition to the precinct delegate
3. A plurality vote shall elect delegates and alternates.
4. Cumulative voting (which allows an elector to cast more than one vote for a single
candidate) shall not be permitted.

Websites to spread the delegate training information

Many people on facebook can use this information who don't have it. Use this fb page to spread the information to all the newbies who don't browse dailypaul, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Delegates-for-Ron-Paul/2601799...

Or use this delegate training page too, http://ronpauldelegates.wordpress.com/



I'm from Virginia, and I'm totally lost. As it just so happens, I'm heading to Richmond tomorrow, and if there's simply somewhere I need to go and fill out a form, I'd love to do that at the same time and bring a friend with me. Anyone know about this? I can't make much sense of the websites. (-:

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

I'm from Virgnia as well...

I called the RVA the other day and talked to them about how to become a delegate and when the rules will be set. They said to look for the details after October 1. The primary is an open primary meaning that everyone can vote in it. There are 3 delegates chosen per district. Meaning that there will be 33 delegates (11 district) chosen to the RNC convention. Then the other 13 delegates are chosen at the state convention. To become a delegate you have to attend the district convention--when the date is set. The RVA will have their rules set up, so call the RVA after October 1 and find out the info. I would also start attending your local Republican meetings. Here in the Harrisonburg area, I have get their emails all the time, all you have to do is call the state and find out who you need to contact to start attending the meetings. This will help ensure you are elected when the time comes. Be smart--I know in my area, there are a lot of old dawg republicans so I would have to play a little different. Anyway, hope this helps.

Thanks, this clears it up a

Thanks, this clears it up a bit. I see this four-step set of instructions:

1 Register to vote today (Register as a Republican if you live in a closed primary state such as New York.)
2 Vote in your state Primary (Make sure to get your voter card stamped REPUBLICAN if possible.)
3 It all starts at your precinct so peruse your state’s delegate process to the RNC (Republican National Convention)
4 (Complete Step 3 First) The 2012 Primary Process

So, step 3 is still the cryptic step, but I guess since I'm in an open primary state, I just have to vote in the primary and then there is some other thing I do. I'll look through rpv.org and see if there's something more specific there. I'll post my results here, too. (-:

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

if you try to become a delegate

DO NOT let the party know you're a Ron Paul delegate....be stealth as long as you can...even up to the convention.

Every state is different, find out the delegate process in your atate.


Being stealth is good. Tote the line until you have been elected and are voting for Ron Paul, then after that, have fun!

How much

does it cost out of your own pocket to be a delegate? + Time. Not saying people can't donate their time to do this, but is there a way we can organize this to make it a bit easier on them and their family to do this by doing a separate fund raiser? I'm not saying a money bomb, just a regular fund raiser.. I don't like too many money bombs they diminish the big ones needed. Once we establish a cost amount per delegate, and how many delegates are needed. Then we can help with finances, and maybe even be a bit more generous to these guys and or girls.

LOL, when you subsidize you get more of it.


Mostly time...depending on your state it could be that you need to get signatures to be on a ballot...or something else..cause each state is different....
In my state, delegates have to get 200 signatures (time only)and then have those forms notorized ($6)and then get put on the election ballot. (you have to be elected in my state, so you can make up little flyers to have friends hand out at the voting places..which can be as frugal or elaborate as you like...or you can do nothing and still win. ((most people don't know what a delegate is for and either ignore those names entirely or pick the most appealing names..lol)
You might have to attend local meetings in your party (time only)

BUT...when it comes time for the convention...you do have to pay for your accomadations. Sounds like this year its in Florida...so think maybe vacation? But local paul supporters have been known to do a "chip in" to help ease that cost.

Find out about your local Ron Paul meet up group and see what can be worked out. If you can't become a delegate, you can still help someone else in your area =)

You can donate the max. Join

You can donate the max. Join a meetup. Put in 5 million hours doing sign waves. Chip in a milllion dollars for the blimp. BUT if you ain't a delegate... you ain't shit!
It should be the goal of EVERYONE on this site to become a delegate. It is the MOST important thing you can do to support Ron Paul. I was a County, Congressional and State delegate last election. My Dad was a State delegate from where he lived. If we have The majority of State delegates WE WIN! It is not hard to become a delegate. It does take some time. Get involved in your GOP NOW.

On it!

I'm getting the ball rolling. Called the Republican party chairman for my county the other day, and he's sending me info on how to do it. By the way, he also told me it helps that I have been volunteering to help candidates on the state level.


This is important people!

I created this new site to help... help me add content

I created a new site a few weeks ago for a guy at Ron PaulForums. Nothing much seems to be happening with it so I will pitch in and add content.

Take a look:

I picture having some general info and then specific state info.

Who can help?

What do you want?