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CNN admits to ignoring Ron Paul. Ron Paul has NO Chance?

Why? Because if "the unelectable one" were to become president, the financial kleptocratic, oligarchic status quo, which just so happens is the big legacy media's biggest advertising base, would be wiped out overnight. Next up: big media becomes very small media. The clip below from CNN explains it all.


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Dropped off some more "news"

Dropped off some more "news" (slims jims and grassroot newspaper) to our neighbors I missed last Friday.

Those in the mainstream media

Those in the mainstream media were not hired to report the truth. See Cenk Uygur.

The media better hope Ron Paul gets the nomination.

Otherwise, a lot of p.o.'d Ron Paul supporters will have nothing better to do than make the pundits and the six owners of the major media miserable.

We are the media.

Don't worry about CNN and FOX news. We are the media. We can flood our neighborhoods with information about Ron Paul. It is more difficult, but actually more effective. Most people are disgusted with big media and we can take advantage of their weakness. They will lose, we will win.

There secret weapon: Randy

There secret weapon: Randy Travis
ours: the Truth
The Truth will go further in the long run.

Do these

communist info agents realize that it's up to the people to decide who the nomination goes to?

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MSM is business to business...

...not business to people when they choose to do so. Or something to that effect.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!