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Ideas to start winning Christian Conservatives over to Ron Paul

I know we worked on this last campaign, but I think it is crucial for Ron Paul having a chance of winning the Republican nomination.

We know that Ron Paul doesn't wear his Christianity on his sleeve. This is something that I really love about him. He simply lives it.

Rick Perry is like George Bush 2.0 and might be even worse when promoting his so called religion. Michele Bachmann after her Ames speech yesterday might be the same. How do we wake up the Christian right and win them over to Ron Paul?

This will have to start in Iowa, seeing the social christian conservatives really come out to caucus and then on to South Carolina.

Rick Perry has to be taken down now and we must start putting questions in conservative christian's minds (with his dealings with Bilderberg and the idea of a one world government), that he supported an Al Gore run for President and helped his campaign in Texas, and that he mandated that young girls get the HPV Gardasil vaccine. We also must education Christians in the simplest way about the Federal Reserve and the damage it is doing to this country. After learning about the Fed they must ask why other so called christian establishment candidates are not talking about the Fed's destructive force. I have found this very effective with other Christians that are on the fence about Ron Paul.

Does the Ron Paul campaign have an official group for Christians for Ron Paul or Pastors for Ron Paul? I know Jews for Ron Paul has been created and this group could greatly be used to help Christians take a second look at Ron Paul.

Seeing the power of facebook and youtube with the combination of the passion of Ron Paul supporters, we must make a series of very simple, short, and with a clear message videos with actual Christians, Pastors, and Jews (Religious Jews) why they support Ron Paul. I would almost would model them off the new Mormon commercials. The ones that say I am mom, or surfer, and at the end say and I am a Mormon. Emails and post are great, but videos are very moving.

These videos and their message must first really spread to Christians and Pastors in Iowa and South Carolina and go from there.

What are you thoughts? Should the Ron Paul Super-Pac tackle this project in trying to win over the Christian right now?

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I offer the same advice I have sent to the Ron Paul Campaign

Speak to peoples fears DIRECTLY.

They fear that Ron Paul wants Iran to get a nuke.

They fear that Ron Paul would let grandma get dumped out in the cold if she is poor.

They fear that Ron Paul would let our national defense fall apart.

They fear that Ron Paul would end the war on drugs with no real solution for the people that have addictive personalities.

They fear that Ron Paul would let the economy burn to the ground so he can start it all over from the beginning.

And does Ron Paul directly call each of these out and STRONGLY provide solutions? Not really. He just repeats the "mantra of the way". People get it now... so if they are to let him implement "the way"... then they need to see concrete solutions for how their worst fears will not come true.

Spread This to Them


Specifically written to reach evangelical Christians on some of the issues they squirm over.

I'll eventually write one about his anti-war position, but that will take more thought and effort.

Very helpful.

this is an important thread. RP is so clear about Liberty, economy, money, Fed-Reserve, war policy, etc. Religion is an emotional issue, and the religious folks have some strong views influenced by their preachers. There is a huge bunch of them who support neo-con agenda, are pro-war for Israel. They are not happy with non-intervention. John Hagee, Glenn Beck and Republican House majority leader Eric Cantor are very pro-zion. http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/Article.aspx?id=23...


Hope you can write about the Chriatian war policy soon, - check-up / read Lawrence Vance on LewRockwell.com. , he is very good.

Christian Conservatives -

Christian Conservatives - REAL Christian Conservatives ought to know that waging undeclared wars against enemies created by our own politicians does not fit the JUST WAR DOCTRINE. Premptive strikes against nations that may or may not be developing weapons that they may or may not use against us is not compatible with the JUST WAR DOCTRINE. Torture is not compatible with Christian values. And I could go on.

Anyone who considers them self to be either a Christian, or a Conservative, or BOTH ought to be able to see through the phony Neocon GOP agenda. There is nothing Christian nor Conservative in it. Forget about the lip service about stopping abortion or the homosexual lifestyle. While I personally agree with those positions, the issue is much deeper than these single issues.

Most educated Americans know that our Constitution was written for a moral people. The only way we can live in freedom is to be responsible. If we are willing to bend the rules and sacrifice our freedoms for the promise of security, we don't deserve that freedom. And if we are going to support people who get us into undeclared wars that we don't have to fight, we can't call our selves either Christian, nor Conservative.

Well. I've been...

... a Christian for 40 years and I know this constituency, to the point that I now question my own faith. I mean, if I have to judge them by their level of gullibility, their sheer inability to analyze political issues properly, then I have to question my own gullibility on the faith issue.

I've stopped going to church because the McCain-Palin bumper stickers just hurt my eyes too much, let alone the minister's remarks that came right out of Hanity and O'Reilly's playbook. Their hatred toward the Muslim world was too much for me.

I almost think we are better off not trying to tailor our message to reach this audience. As Chuck Baldwin wrote, I'd rather vote for a heathen (not sure that was the terminology he used) who believes in the Constitution, than a Christian who has no understanding of the role of government, not to mention the Constitution. Well, the Bachmann and Perry crowd only care about the size of the Bible they carry. We are not electing someone to fill a vacancy in the vestry and I don't think they really know the difference between a vestry and the White House.

Plano TX

Sleuth51 I understand your feelings about questioning

the church and the christian faith. I went through the same thing a few years ago. I think Christians, especially the charismatic movement, is based more on emotion than reason and biblical principles. I have broken away from this thought. Although we are told not to live in fear and that Christ has set us free from the law, fear is what the church is preaching it seems to me.

There are more Christians waking up though and I think is important that we reach as many as we can. No matter how much I don't like it, their vote is not going away. We need to show them to vote for someone that lives their principles, instead of someone that emotionally wears their "faith" on their sleeves.

Simple education on what this

country was really founded on. They mistakenly think it was founded in the name of God, but it was not. It was in the name of Liberty. They need some good 'ole founders education.


tell them Ron Paul doesn't

tell them Ron Paul doesn't spread the love of Jesus one bomb at a time like the other neo-cons...