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Total Money Spent by Candidates for Iowa Straw Poll

What are the stats? How much did each candidate spend per vote? Chris Wallace mentioned that Ron Paul spent very little money, and Pawlenty spent over $1 million.

This ABC article says that Pawlenty planned to spend $1.5 million: http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2011/08/pawlenty-dro...

If so, Pawlenty spent about $654 per vote.

How about the others?

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Bachmann spent $1 million, Paul spent $500 thousand


$1.5 million - Pawlenty
$1.0 million - Bachmann
$0.5 million - Paul

Bachmann had to of spent way more than

$1 million, because the anti Paul Faux News reported Paul spent 1/10 of what Bachmann spent in Iowa, the day after the poll.

Do you have a link or know which show?

I'm just collecting information from what has been reported.

If that's the case than the 500k reported in The Hill is wrong.

From what I've read, Bachmann

From what I've read, Bachmann spent $1 million just to get Randy Travis to play at her tent. Not sure how accurate that claim was. Also, 6,000 straw poll tickets fully paid for to pledged supporters each costing roughly $30 each. Though, I'm not sure if that covered the busing expenses, and I hear she had a large number of buses. So with just Randy Travis and the tickets, that's $1,180,000 right there. Lord knows all of the other expenses such as food, tents, t-shirts, other entertainment, etc. all adds up quickly.

I'd put Bachmann's expense figures somewhere between $1.25 million and $1.5 million.