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Video: BBC News Covers Iowa Straw Poll

I have never heard his name ever mentioned on the BBC, even during the last election, or when the tea party is ever discussed in current affairs programmes.

I was looking forward to the report from BBC News tonight.



Coverage from Sky News too


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Just plain unreal. Wait until

Just plain unreal. Wait until they realize it is not working. Wait until they find out they can not keep pushing different people to the podium and we will change our pick. There is NO one like our guy!

The media is not news

It is deliberate manipulation and indoctrination.

If you want the truth don't listen to the news, don't read "official" (dis)information, don't go to state run schools, don't watch TV, don't read newspapers.

It is all designed to keep us enslaved. It is designed to hide the truth from us. It is designed to keep us in fear and scarcity. It is designed to keep us sick.

The truth will set you free.

We are all here on this site for a reason. We are waking up, we are becoming independent, we are taking responsibility for our own beliefs and our own lives. Our enslavement is coming to an end.

This is first and foremost a personal journey. Personal liberation is independent of general liberation in society.

When enough of us have chosen this journey the society around us will change.

Murdoch's Sky News had coverage too...

Murdoch's gang at Sky News had coverage too...


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I saw this on sky tv

and I'm not surprised that the British government's media corporation is in on the conspiracy.

Seem that it will take more than just votes to achieve revolution...

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