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Compare how Ames Poll winner is announced: 2007 vs 2011

In 2007, every candidate is named along with vote totals. They start by naming the person with the lowest number of votes, and progress up to the winner. As each candidate is named, the number of votes, and the percentage of the total votes they received, are shown on a large screen. There is ample time for supporters to cheer their candidate between each announcement.


Last night, here's how Matt Strawn, Iowa Republican Party Chairman, makes the announcement.


"With 16,892 Iowans voting, the winner of the 2011 Iowa straw poll is congresswoman Michele Bachman. Thank you everyone and have a good night!" (turns his back and leaves)

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Give them a break.

It was late. They had spent many hours rigging the vote totals to get the "scattering" just right so Ron would not come out on top. I'm sure they were tired and just wanted to go home.

Organizes left like a bank robber just got the money

Took the money and run.

Some would say that this was a good win for a corrupt system.

But dammit, it is still corrupt, they are still hiding the real numbers, they are still downplaying Ron Paul......what makes you think the result will be any different?

the difference is...

After another fifteen months of these triumphs and thumb-fingered dismissals, we will be considerably MORE ANGRY and MORE NUMEROUS than we are now. It takes time, sometimes, but people do eventually wake up, if only when their bellies and their budgets slap them upside the head.

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West of 89
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heard of anti-climatic but this was just downright insulting. The lack of fanfare is quite palpable. Smells to me like we're WINNING!!

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

winner of the 2007 + 2011 iowa straw polls is Ron Paul

Ron Paul's 2011 straw poll votes beats Mitt Romney's combined totals. Ron Paul's 2011 straw poll count is nearly 2000 ahead of 2007 2nd place surprise finisher Mike Huckabee who finished with about the number of straw poll votes in 2007 (hugely boosting his campaign) as recent quitter Tim Pawlenty received in 2011 about 11 hours before TPaw threw in the towel. The Liberty Candidate leads the combined 20 contestants with nearly 6000 straw poll votes with Bachmann 2nd at less than 5000.

Ripped off

How much did the Paul campaign pay for this... $30,000?

When you pay $30,000, should you not expect to receive services at least equal to what the $15,000 purchasers received the previous year?

They are happy to take Paul's money, but still screwing him over

Why are neocon propagadists treating Paul nice? Cuz, they saw him spending money on the MSM.

Ditto for Iowa.

As long as the money is flowing, they'll be polite in interviews and such, but when he's not there, they demean him.

And if you aren't getting money, they'll doubly go after him: Rush Limbaugh and lots of other jerks.

They plan on milking Ron for money.

Most likley, Ron Paul knows this. So he's trying to pave the path for the future.

It takes a lot of heart to sit through all those lies.


and the real winner of the Iowa straw poll jedi master and everybody's favorite, godfather of the tea party and last hope for America Dr. Ron Paul.....That's what he meant to say. WINNING!!

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

What a total.....

joke. I hate the GOP party, hate'em. This race in 2012 keeps getting more personal as time goes by. How come no other candidate talks about the way the TSA is committing crimes against all of us each and every day. Since when did getting blown up on a plane become such a big threat? Implementing a police state right before our eyes and only one candidate finds it worth mentioning, Ron Paul That's All, the rest are just shit covered monkeys.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012


Still you have to admit, it was pretty cool to hear the RP supporters cheer even when RP got 5th in 2007, pretty awesome.

I am Ron Paul

Yes! They obviously didn't


They obviously didn't want a repeat this year!


Think how crazy the Ron Paul fans would have gone if RP got first this year! They would still be cheering.

I am Ron Paul


We need an e mail and phone

We need an e mail and phone number for this guy. He needs to be removed as chair. Also needs to see what happened to the so called leaders in Nevada that pulled crap like this!

Formerly rprevolutionist

Not worth it

I think it'll do more harm than good.

Generally, the mainstream GOP is looking for reasons to dislike RP because they know he's been right on everything. Here are their top reasons for disliking him:

1) His supporters are rude
2) His foreign policy is dangerous
3) He's liberal on social issues

Now, I don't believe these things, but as a guy in Iowa, these are the objections that I have to overcome on a daily basis. Please don't make it more difficult than it already is.

Here's what I've found so far:


Contact Info:
p: 515.282.8105 | f: 515.282.9019 |@ info@iowagop.org
© 2011 The Republican Party of Iowa

GOP Facebook page:

Matt Strawn Facebook page:

Matt Strawn Co-Owner of Iowa Barnstormers Arena Football Club:


is this going to accomplish, other than alienating him further?

Get him out

And put one of our guys in. Go Iowa!

It accomplishes a neocon and

It accomplishes a neocon and biased jerk removed as chair??
When you are supposed to announce results, you announce results! Not just 1 persons numbers.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Re: What is this going to accomplish?

Squeeky wheel, etc.

Our campaign paid $30,000 for their service. To quietly absorb something this offensive is very close to asking for more of the same treatment. There is still a caucus to be won there, and it would be stupid to set the precedent that we can be sh** upon and we'll pay for the privilege.

They never even showed the 2nd place on the board???

How could they show the very bottom, lowest vote getters, including the "scattering" votes and never even put the second place (almost tied to first) winner on the board? Doesn't this qualify as election fraud? This is an important straw poll with millions of Americans paying attention. This has to be getting close or going over the line of legality.

I don't understand how they

I don't understand how they pick a chair of Iowa RNC but with enough complaints about the obvious with-holding of election results contrary to any tradition that Ames held in the past, Repubs should call this guy Matt Strawn on the carpet for an unprofessional display of subjective, adverse reporting of Ron Paul votes...It makes you, therefore, wonder about the vote recording and the missing number of votes to tally up the total. Even some of the press did not understand what a scatter vote was ???

Its time to put Matt Strawn on the shit list.

Big Matt can bring himself to even say the name Ron Paul. While in a Fox News interview, Chuckles Cameron asked him a two part question, with the second part about Ron Paul. Strawn just ignored it and did not answer the second part. Could you see the glee on his face when he announced Bachmann as the winner? This guy is a dope and needs to be told so.

Re: Matt Strawn

Here here!

He lacks the self-respect that in a normal person would urge him to uphold the rules and job requirements of the position he holds. Impartiality would inhibit his personal political wishes, so he jettisons the integrity of his organization, his position, and his person.

"Chuckles Cameron asked him a two part question"

I saw that too. He had his orders, or personal beliefs that made him do that..It was disgusting and disappointing to say the least.
Rather than calling him a "dope", maybe he should be emailing a link to "Freedom to Fascism". Maybe we should try to appeal to his conscience, if he has any left.
I know that kind of sounds like battered wife syndrome, but maybe it is worth a shot.
We need to win the Iowa caucuses. Not just to solidify his straw poll showing, but to continue show we will be a force to be reckoned with.
As a former military man, surely you can see that focusing on each one of these states like a military objective, is what is needed. "There is a war on for THEIR minds." I think we are smart enough to win it, if we are focused.