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Please Help our Meetup Group

Hey my fellow Paulites. I just discovered that the Hawaii4RonPaul meet up is the 15th largest RP meetup in the world, and one of the most active. We are busting our butts out here in the Aloha state to spread the message. One of our members ordered 1,000 of the "For Liberty" re-cut DVDs and we've been passing those out, we've bought and ordered slim jims, Ron Paul position cards, campaign t shirts, made home-made signs, do weekly sign waves, weekly neighborhood walks, attend local GOP meetings... Check our site:


We're running out of materials and the means to obtain them, so I'm making a plea to any of you activists who have surplus materials or know companies who are sponsoring Ron Paul meetups to please help.

Let's make Obama's home state a place of VICTORY for Ron Paul!

Sincere Thanks Everyone...

The Perturbed Patriot