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How to become a delegate INFO HERE!, I am only posting this once.

I received a phone call and asked to respond to a post about how to become a delegate. I do this in hesitation, but will do it for the good of the liberty movement. I am sick of the fighting and the attempts by a small group here to lie and decieve people about delegates, once this post gains traction you will see who they are, trust the information you confirm, do not follow the advice of the dividers that are clearly against people becoming a delegate, DO NOT LISTEN TO WEEBLES he needs to be IGNORED, he is not trying to help you but make things complictaed and discourage you. I have no desire to be attacked any longer for posting delegate infomation, it will be up to all of you to become educated.

If you really want to help, please post your bylaws/party rules on the delegatetraining website under the bylaws/party rules forum topic.

We will organize them by district county and state once we have more posted.


# 1 : You must be a registered Republican in most states.

# 2 : The rules to become a delegate vary from district and county, you must obtain your bylaws to see what your area requires you to become a delegate. Many cases you just need to register to become a delegate, that simple. Some areas try to make it extremely complictaed to keep the avg joe citizen out of the way.

# 3 : In some cases delegates are elected by the members of your local party, in many other cases there are not enough people that register to become a delegate so your area may allow you to be a delegate just by simply you apply to become a delegate.

# 4 : You must learn Roberts rules of order, this is a must, Roberts rules is the language used during conventions and meetings, if you don't understand roberts rules you will be at an extreme disadvantage.

# 5 : You must show up to every delegate meeting, if you do not, you could and probably will lose your spot as a delegate and your spot will go to an alternate delegate. You must stay inm it until the end.

# 6 : If all of your delegates slots are filled, you need to register to become an alternate delegate, the alternates will obtain the spot of a delegate should the delegate not show up for a meeting and the alternate will take their place as a delegate.

# 7 : To become a delegate you must contact your local chairman or officer(s) of the party and ask for the form to register to become a delegate. Make a copy of your signed application for your own records.

# 8 : I encourage everyone who is not a delegate to become one NOW, some of you have probably already missed your chance to ceome a delegate because the registration process has ended, call your chairman tomorrow.

There is a delegate forum that has been up for months and saw very little interest, so we stopped posting information, if we see the site gain action (people actually posting and asking questions) we will finish the site and continue to post information and answer questions there once again.


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It depends,...

Your mantra is certainly true on a national level, but becomes less clear cut as you descend through the state, county, and local levels.

Don't start with a chip on your shoulder. Be prepared to fight, keep your powder dry, read the fine print, don't commit yourself, keep your cards close to your chest, know the rules of the game, but...

...treat everyone as if they were your bosom pals right up until they start showing fighting colors.

Then let 'em have it between the eyes. Make it quick and painless. And avoid collateral damage.

You know blowback happens in local politics too.

The Virtual Conspiracy

signed up for the

signed up for the delegatetraining.com forum and it wont let me log in with my password which I am positive is correct. Maybe this is why you have no posts.

Many people have logged in

Many people have logged in from last night, ask for a reconformation email of your password, click forgot password at the login screen. if you still have a problem, let us know.





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bookmarked, you should sticky

bookmarked, you should sticky this.

good luck everyone

becoming a delegate is a sure fire way to help the cause of liberty to say the least.

great thread

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This all makes sense

However I believe you make it a lot more complicated than it has to be. IF you want to be the perfect delegate who is aggressive because you know the rules, then study Robert's Rules. However, if you just want to be a delegate to show up and vote for the man, then do the rest and review Robert's Rules to understand what is going on. Most places don't get enough delegates so in the end, all you have to do is request to be one. But, don't tell them you are a Ron Paul person until you fully know what you are up against. NEVER give that away until you are the majority.
Also, become a precinct committeeman first. Being a precinct committeeman means that you will be involved and can have access to a lot of information to help to go door to door in your area. Also, your name will be out there so when you request to be a delegate, you won't be some stranger coming out of left field. Networking is key. I am in AZ so this is what I did to become a delegate and it worked fine.
Get involved folks! This is the only way to truly win the nomination.


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If you...

sign up for and complete Campaign for Liberty's leadership training program they will give you access to the local voter databases to use for canvassing and phone banking.

C4L has local coordinators for every region, district, county and precinct. To contact your local coordinator and find out the specific needs of your locality go here:


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I went to C4L and found my county and . . .

my coordinator.
No way on the site to contact him!!

I sent an email at the C4L contact link, asking how to become a delegate.
"you'll need to contact the official campaign".

If you want delegates to help Ron Paul, we need help and the posts so far, dont help.

Jackson County Georgia

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state/county/precinct? I will find the info for you. :)

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gwinnett county. region 7 in C4L.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Here it is....

C4L is transitioning from .com to .org and it's still in midstream.

You can contact your coordinators here:


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kinda what I came up with

back when it first launched. I signed up and all but nothing.

Just went back, I'm San Angelo, Texas, Region 11, Tom Green County. There's 2 of us listed as "members" I guess it is. No clue how to contact the other one.

That's about as far as I get.

Under the "How do I get involved" there's the newsletter signup, and a "Join a group" which takes me to the registration page.

I'm already Republican Chairman of Precinct 137 (I think, haven't been to a meeting in at least a year), and have been a delegate to the County and State Republican Conventions in Texas the last 2 conventions.

Try here....

C4L is in transition from .com to .org


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Perm bump...

I came back to DP when u were announcing ur departure never quit... We all know it's hard to stop fighting regardless of the obstacle sor assholes that get in the way or try to slow us down. Thanks for the info and I plan on becoming a delegate with help from this post.

Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.

Campaign for Liberty....

Over the last few years since Ron Paul's 2008 campaign C4L has built an impressive system of local coordinators that rivals any presidential election campaign effort in the history of the United States. This system is being credited for Ron Paul's recent successes.

There are C4L coordinators assigned to every region, county and precinct in the country. One of prime focuses of this impressive network has been building a comprehensive network of delegate training covering each of the aforementioned geographic and political subdivisions.

To find out how you can become involved, locate local training and what the needs are in your locality use the following map to contact your local coordinators:



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Every state is different

Almost everything you posted does not apply in my state of Missouri. The only one that is correct for Missouri is learn Robert's Rules, the rest is wrong for Missouri.

If you plan on buying Robert's Rules of Order to use to prepare, DO NOT BUY ROBERT'S RULES IN BRIEF. That version is very good for most uses but only the FULL version has the sections on convetions and mass meetings that have the detailed information about rules used in caucuses and conventions.

In Missouri the delegates to the national convention are selected at the Congressional District conventions and the State convention from those selected as delegates to each of those conventions at the numerous county caucuses.

To be selected at a caucus depends on the rules that caucus uses, which are set during that caucus. In general this is done with slates of people that are voted on by the caucus attendees. Whatever rules they propose to use can be amended
by by the body of the caucus.

The number of delegates each caucus selects is based on what percentage of the statewide Republican votes were cast in that county at the previous Presidential election.

Also, in Missouri there is no such thing as a registered Republican. If you support Ron Paul, you can go to the Republican caucus and participate.

In Missouri there are no delegate meetings to attend, other that the Congressional and State conventions, and alternates to the national convention are chosen at those events.

The Missouri caucuses take place after the primaries, so there is no way to begin to become a delegate until after that.

It is very important that when we discuss the process of becoming a delegate to the national convention that we make clear what the process is for each state.

Do it! Stay undercover...

This is what realllly matters guys. We could literally do everything right just to have the establishment stop us at the primaries!

Stay undercover until you know you are a delegate for sure. We heard about rp delegates being blocked last time. If you feel the need to find your chairman's allegiance you can always straight up ask or ask stealthy questions like 'what is money?'

Delegates are what matter!

Pottawattamie County Iowa

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You are correct this is key !!

During the 2008 elections, my local chairman knew I was a Ron Paul supporter right off the bat because I delivered the speech for Ron Paul at a straw poll. I got people to attend our county convention, some to vote and some to run as delegates and our county chairman informed the delegates that they would not be required to state what candidate they supported until the state convention. Fast forward to the county convention. They changed the rules and made the delegates state who they supported prior to the vote. We didn't have enough people to win a challenge.

So all the Ron Paul supporters save one ended up alternates to the state convention. The one that did make it as a full delegate lied and stated they supported John McCain.

Oddly enough they took forever to count the votes(the convention had 30 people at best at it) and while we where waiting for the results I got a emergency call and had to leave before they where done counting. The chairman told me on my way out the door, not to worry he would make sure I was at least an alternate...WTF ???? What about the voting.

I think what will be to our advantage is the fake tea party neocons that are getting more people involved in politics. They won't be able assume because you are new to the process you are simply those pesky Ron Paul supporters.

So stay stealth, do not reveal your hand.

just stay quiet and keep you eyes open.

look for meetup groups in your area and sign up to be a precinct captain at C4L. If you don't have a meetup in your area find the closes one to you and ask them questions maybe they can help you online.

Remember: If a fish would keep his mouth shut he would never get caught.


then the fishy would die from hunger. :(

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Im pretty hungery

for a Ron Paul myself hahaha.

Give specific Ron Paul links

Give specific Ron Paul links for each state!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here you go...

Campaign for Liberty has local coordinators for every region, district, county and precinct in the country. Along with delegate training they can hook you up with grassroots/precinct leadership and activism training and inform you of the specific needs in your locality:

Contact your local coordinator using the following map:


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Here are the C4L coordinators for New Hampshire:


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I was a delegate last time

Learned a lot.Plan on doing it again.