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How to become a delegate INFO HERE!, I am only posting this once.

I received a phone call and asked to respond to a post about how to become a delegate. I do this in hesitation, but will do it for the good of the liberty movement. I am sick of the fighting and the attempts by a small group here to lie and decieve people about delegates, once this post gains traction you will see who they are, trust the information you confirm, do not follow the advice of the dividers that are clearly against people becoming a delegate, DO NOT LISTEN TO WEEBLES he needs to be IGNORED, he is not trying to help you but make things complictaed and discourage you. I have no desire to be attacked any longer for posting delegate infomation, it will be up to all of you to become educated.

If you really want to help, please post your bylaws/party rules on the delegatetraining website under the bylaws/party rules forum topic.

We will organize them by district county and state once we have more posted.


# 1 : You must be a registered Republican in most states.

# 2 : The rules to become a delegate vary from district and county, you must obtain your bylaws to see what your area requires you to become a delegate. Many cases you just need to register to become a delegate, that simple. Some areas try to make it extremely complictaed to keep the avg joe citizen out of the way.

# 3 : In some cases delegates are elected by the members of your local party, in many other cases there are not enough people that register to become a delegate so your area may allow you to be a delegate just by simply you apply to become a delegate.

# 4 : You must learn Roberts rules of order, this is a must, Roberts rules is the language used during conventions and meetings, if you don't understand roberts rules you will be at an extreme disadvantage.

# 5 : You must show up to every delegate meeting, if you do not, you could and probably will lose your spot as a delegate and your spot will go to an alternate delegate. You must stay inm it until the end.

# 6 : If all of your delegates slots are filled, you need to register to become an alternate delegate, the alternates will obtain the spot of a delegate should the delegate not show up for a meeting and the alternate will take their place as a delegate.

# 7 : To become a delegate you must contact your local chairman or officer(s) of the party and ask for the form to register to become a delegate. Make a copy of your signed application for your own records.

# 8 : I encourage everyone who is not a delegate to become one NOW, some of you have probably already missed your chance to ceome a delegate because the registration process has ended, call your chairman tomorrow.

There is a delegate forum that has been up for months and saw very little interest, so we stopped posting information, if we see the site gain action (people actually posting and asking questions) we will finish the site and continue to post information and answer questions there once again.


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Thank you

for the post. I was a delegate for the last cycle - completely ignorant of most of what you mention here. Had never heard of the site and info from status quo party members was less than forthcoming. Talk about "winging" it... Hindsight isn't always 20/20?
Thanks again for the post! The page is marked and will be forwarded.


Thank you

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good job,thanks for the link there
but why does your post sound so mad?
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setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

All activism is wasted if this isn't done!!!!


A bump and thank you.

A bump and thank you.

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