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Where is this great grassroots Ron Paul organization?

What is the next move for the campaign? Where are we to focus our efforts?

I don't want to sound pissy, but there are lots of posts about how crappy the MSM is treating Dr Paul, but precious little direction for us to apply our considerable efforts. Donations are great, but perhaps we could get a cohesive list of up coming events and dates that we can work on.

KUDOS to those who are posting events! Maybe we can have a calander put together where we can refer to?

The Liberty Movement is supported by each and every one of us and millions more NOT on the DP. Can we get an idea of the events coming and where we can start leading our own little bits of this campaign?


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Here's a bunch of

Here's a bunch of suggestions. Start canvassing your precinct with a Ron Paul buddy. Go put up a billboard. Join a phone bank team. Become a GOP delegate. Join your local meetup group. Buy some radio time on your local station and run an ad. Pass out flyers at your local farmers market. Just do something that markets the message of liberty to another real person. Introduce the message of liberty, peace, and prosperity. This thing ain't going to be won watching tv and voting in online polls.

Did you sleep through the weekend

They were out in full force.


Ron Paul Media Bomb!

Great ideas...

... now make it happen instead of asking why others havent!

We need to build LOCALLY

You do not need direction in a grassroots movement. We didn't have any direction at all back in 07 but things just came together (for the most part).

We are still on a very fast learning curve on how to combat everything BUT the surefire way to win is to get to the voters. What better and least expensive way then to do that in your own backyards.

Get a meetup going, get a ron paul group going, get friends together and start campaigning locally. Get some ron paul vinyl stickers and be mobile billboards, wear PRO ron paul shirts, knock doors and best of all wake up your family and friends first.

Winning is simple
#1 get volunteers
#2 get donations
#3 get votes

seems simple at least LOL.

I do however believe that if we all become neighborhood revolutionists it would be much harder for the msm to realize WHY they are losing their hold on the people.

We need to get local, stay local and then that can relate to all of OUR precincts voting as they should which is FOR LIBERTY.

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I totally agree

We DO need to build locally! But we also can use organization and efficiency! That helps ANY cause. We didn't win in '08... We need everything we can muster to win, chaotic efforts, some organized pushes (like ronpaulsignbomb.com), and getting important communications out to the grassroots base! A multi-pronged attack!

We are attacking in New York State

We are starting to come together as a team here. We are breaking out with the Tea Party Coalition going national and encourage Ron Paul people to form a tea Party, form a board of 6 to 10 members, endorse Ron Paul for President at a press conference.

There will be power with this Coalition backing Ron. We have a good plan of attack we are executing. Be a part of it.



Also, the verdict for The Pork Lawsuit at the Corporate Welfare Rally in Albany, New York, on October 12 - details - www.CorporateWelfareRally.com


Setup your state Ron Paul Delegates website and get moving on educating on delegates.


Gather your info on understanding how your judges are "elected / appointed" and become delegates to start controlling that.


Read your county party rules. Become a committeeman and find the RP people to group together to form your attack at that level.


It is better to canvass than to just have sign holding rallys. However, many people are too shy to canvass so do a sign wave at a major intersection leading to Republican strongholds. Have handouts, have fun, and then set a date to canvass as a group targeting parallel and adjacent streets to relieve the newbie pressure.

Yep. As has been shown,

Yep. As has been shown, ANYONE can call themselves a TParty group and then endorse RP..:)

I'm working on this!

http://www.RonPaulRootsCentral.com is a site I set up to address everything you say. The site recently launched and is open, but is still a work in progress!

I'm at work right now and can't go into detail, but I'm working to get the site updated with cool and helpful new features, like listing events by state and members communicating and networking with other members. I will be posting about all this hopefully before too long.

This Website Will be Big

We've seen this website and the concept is definitely a good one. It is still new, but we think that it can be a great place for Grassrooters to collaborate and gain support for the big ideas that Ron Paulers have.

Good luck on this project sir!



I will follow that too!

Getting some good feedback on Facebook too.

Let's keep our eye on the prize!

Thank you!

....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***



....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***


for ideas.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


I know you've got a ton to do, but can you give us some direction? Maybe just compiling the various notices posted? ("Just"... like that would be easy to do.... sorry)

....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***