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Will no one rid the GOP of this troublesome congressman?

With Tim Pawlenty out of the race, only two active Presidential candidates scored more than 10 percent in Saturday's Iowa straw poll. Following the media coverage Sunday, you would never guess Congressman Ron Paul was one of them.

Paul came within one percentage point of straw poll victor Michele Bachmann at Ames, and scored more than twice as many votes as third-place Pawlenty. After this first-place tie amongst Iowa Republicans, Bachmann dominated Paul among the national media. It's the story of Paul's career.

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/politics/2011/08/will-no-one-r...

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Ron Paul is unequivocally the

Ron Paul is unequivocally the front runner in this campaign. The other candidates will adopt his talking points and try to catch up to him. The media is a bought commodity who will undermine the choice of the American people in their elections. History will view this time in American History as one of the most corrupt, transparently feudal, and hopelessly on the path to oblivion. True American Champions like Ron Paul will be recognized, feared and foresaken in the name of banks, profit margins and world dominance.

How to comment on this article?

If they had said something like unlikely or underdog, I could accept that as an exercise of editorial license, but I really want to challenge the author's very unreasonable and unjustified hyperbole of denigrating the possibility of a Paul win as miraculous.

When I hit the COMMENT button (both the one at top of page and at bottom of page), I get moved to the bottom of the page, but there are no comments. I wouldn't be surprised at not being presented with an editing form until I log in, but no comments at all are displayed. I don't want to waste the time updating my account if comments aren't going to be visible to the majority of readers. The instructions/rules for writing comments are there, but no forms and no other comments. Any WSJ Readers here know if this is their clumsy way of presenting articles that have commenting disabled?

Bring it on

bachmann is done

They are just waiting to prop perry and make sure people like him. The sad thing is though, it really doesn't matter WHO they prop up because the sheep will ALWAYS vote for WHOEVER in THEIR party is said to be the top.

You can't allow the OTHER party to win right?

so sad

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If Ron Paul were pro-war

he would be on the cover of every single newspaper and magazine out there, tomorrow! Everyone knows he is the real front runner and they have to resort to making themselves look like pathetic jerks, just to try and keep that a secret from the sheeple who still trust the MSM.

The Corporatocracy controls the media. War is the health of the state, and the wealth of Wall Street.

So, again, why doesn't Paul

So, again, why doesn't Paul get the attention he seems to deserve? Mostly because the mainstream media and the Republican establishment wish he would just go away.

That is NOT how it's supposed to work in this country.

I loved this story, but the

I loved this story, but the ending sucked. It ain't no miracle. It is WE the PEOPLE who will project Ron into that Oval office. And if that writer is right, and Obama "wipes the floor" with Ron in the election, to me, THAT would be the miracle..because in the debates, Ron would rise so far above him that what is left on the floor would be unseen.

Ron Paul already

polls near evenly in a head to head match up with Obama. The challenge is getting the nomination. The general election will take care of itself.


woudln't wipe the floor with Ron at all. Ron's truth would shine so bright Obama's gonna need shades. Obama would instantley show himself to be the fraud that he is next to Paul.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

This is

an excellent story that says a lot about the current RP media blackout.

The ending does suck though.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson