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Foxnews Replaces & Removes Two (2) Polls Showing Ron Paul As The Winner of Iowa Debate

Never - ever - trust the media.

Here is a particular good example (and a great Ron Paul song):


Turn off the TV.

EDIT: Please see my comment below. It appears the replacement poll mentioned in the video is from June.

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Par for the Course

Nice video. That graph hyde mentioned is an instance of what's been going on against Ron, fraud, if it was pulled off its website. If it was pulled, that'd be par for the course in media. "Can't have Ron win." lol

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Now I know

Now I know

Incorrect poll is posted at 4:23

the person that made the video posted FOX poll results from June 13, 2011. That is inexcusable.

you/they have to get up a lot earlier to pull something like that past me.

Please explain

I have no interest in posting something that is not true.

Are you saying the first poll he shows is not new? I remember looking at it myself 2 days ago.

Or are you saying the replacement poll is old?

I don't understand your comment, please be more specific so we can get to the truth.

the first part is correct

but why would the video creator go to a poll from June 2011 and write "This is the Replacement Poll"? That decreases the validity of the point the person is trying to make.

you can clearly see the date if you pause it at 4:23 or wait until the camera zooms in later.

Perhaps the person is trying to show something that happened in June but the video appears to be "talking" just about the August post-debate poll.


You appear to be right.

I did some more research and found this on fox:


Ron Paul is winning with 17627 votes cast. It is still up on their site.

But of course they are not mentioning it and I can't find any links to it from the main pages.

Thanks to your comment this is now more "Fair and balanced".