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What can I do?

My name is Dan and I am from NJ. In one week I will be attending Catholic University in D.C. I have been keeping up with Dr.Paul for about 3-4 years already and I am beyond proud and happy with out success in Iowa! I simply believe this is our year.
I want to be involved with the grassroots as much as possible! I am going to be in Washington for the next 4 years and I know there must be another event there and I will be there for all of them! I want to help and not just sit around and watch FauxNews all day. I cannot believe they're not giving him ANY credit. This is something that is impossible to let fly by! How can you ignore the >1% win in Iowa?! I have wrote FoxNews a serious letter about this and I urge you all to do the same.

The question I have is simply, How do I help?

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get a Ron Paul t-shirt, become a

walking billboard. and be freiendly. Pass out pocket Constitutions if you have them. show the difference. The difference is more war, or less war. more money, less money.
Fiscal sanity ,or no sanity. It's not hard to improve on what we got. It takes a man of integrity.

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what are your skills?

what can no one else but you do where you are right now to spread the message of liberty?

That may be a good question to ask.

If you don't like the answer, and don't want to change it, expand to what others around you "can", but aren't.

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