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Don't like the media bias??

Please let it inspire you to double down your effort in real life. I've been doing a lot, but the more I see this bias, the more it motivates me to do increasingly more.

NOT just complain online about it. Get out there in real life. Find real new supporters. Be more proactive about getting your friends, family, neighbors, or anyone else you know. There are tons of low hanging fruit that would easily support Ron Paul if they just knew a little about him. The media will not help.

One thing I did was make a list of everyone I know I think I could convince to vote (if I had to). You'll be surprised how many you can come up with.

Also just go out to a public place or event with lots of traffic, hold a Ron Paul sign or hand out literature and just talk to whoever comes up.

We NEED to get out in the real world, boost his support and poll numbers and screw over this biased media.