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Ron Paul Dog Mascot = Brilliant

Check out this thread:


At the end of the interview a dog with a Ron Paul collar breaks into the round table discussion of establishment pundits...DPer's are suggesting that this dog be Ron Paul's mascot.

They are on to something.

Our man's problem is charisma...this is easily resolved by having a lovable dog be the charisma that everyone votes for while also voting for peace and prosperity.

There are so many people who agree with Ron Paul's approach to P&P but just want something that either looks good in a suit or is adorable in some manner to vote for...

A dog can't wear a suit but he can be adorable. People need that so let's give it to them. People care more for and identify more with animals...this is better than a blimp...this may be worth a shot.

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A dog can't wear a suit but he can...


LOL!! Awesooooome.

Put a large block letter F for freedom in the middle of the cape that's the right sice, not large, because we don't want him tripping.

Ohhhhh, heeeey, how about the cape's design be the Constitution with We The People impossible to miss even a few feet away. Maybe those words can be in place of the F or "underneath/behind" the F which could look as though it's at the end of materializing with precise boarders.

What do you guys think?

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Love this idea

. I think it would be fun.

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