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Ron Paul's Finish gives campaign traction!

If the minds of voters can be read by Ames' results, here is what voters learned on Saturday.

  • Ron Paul is a serious candidate with a chance to win.
  • The Republican Party is deeply divided between the old-fashioned conservatives and a flourishing wing in favor of smaller government and personal freedom.
  • Mitt Romney should call it a day and put his business experience to work creating jobs in the private sector.
  • Michele Bachmann isn't going to win over independents and moderates.


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No doubt Michele Bachman can't grow beyond the" tea party"

Michele Bachman uses gimics that won't get her far outside of the GOP polls. Ron Paul is the only guy who even has the slightest ability to challenge Barrack Obama in 2012. Look at Michele Bachman..does anyone in the GOP honestly thinks he can win against Barrack? Its a joke..she will never ever EVER get the independent voters and moderate voters with her "israeli" bullcrap propaganda and her hypocritical welfare lifestyle. The GOP is definitely divided but who came out on top? People who want smaller government....except the Bachman "small government" voters still think they can have their wars "war on terror" "war on drugs"and eat their liberty cake at the same time.Ron Paul is going to gain way more attention close to the elections. He predicted the 2008 market crashes and he has called for an end to the occupations and wars abroad and the independents and moderates have been disgruntled for a VERY VERY long time.


Is gaining momentum...you are correct. All this could not be possible without all you determined and decent supporters and volunteers. Three Cheers !!!

Spread the message !


When push comes to shove, the

When push comes to shove, the results in Iowa are going to awfully close...the neo-cons are going to split their vote, and the paleo-cons are going to stand united behind Ron Paul. Should be fun to watch.

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Bill Turner gives an encouraging realistic analysis:

"What's Next for the Paul campaign?

The strong showing in the straw poll will only enliven his supporters. As more people are exposed to his message, he'll gain momentum. Just like Huckabee, he's ensured his seat at the power brokers table in the next Republican National Convention. The party is better off for it."

Gee, do you think Fox will

Gee, do you think Fox will give Ron his own show now?

they'll cut to commercial @ the RNC convention

when he who must not be named speaks w/ Rove and Ailes blessing.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


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Good analysis


You guys in a downward

You guys in a downward spiral? Rotten coverage stays on top and good stuff falls off the page? COME on! :)