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ThyBlackMan: Ron Paul is like your favorite uncle...

"What I think also endears Mr Paul to many, aside from Libertarian leanings is the fact that he doesn’t tend to toe the party line at all. A major bonus for you in my book Mr. Paul (the senior one). Trying to get in points about the military complex and how this country needs to pull back from engaging in wars across the globe in multiple locations simultaneously. His candid assertion that the United States needs to stop “meddling in the affairs of other countries” was quite endearing if not all too realistic. Apparently his comments resonated with the residents of Ames, Iowa who voted for him in enough numbers that he missed coming in first by less than 200 votes: 4,823 – Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul – 4,671, 152 votes difference almost a virtual tie. Fiery rhetoric and a straight shooting aspect and perspective and a propensity to speak his mind even if its not in line with what the majority is saying or talking about.

Just like your favorite Uncle."


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Thanks for posting.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15