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Two new videos by Alex Jones on Ron Paul & Rieck Perry

In the first video he passionately supports Ron Paul. In the second video he is equally passionate about opposing Rick Perry.





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Good vids.

Also liked his points on Rick PanderPrayer Perry.

He seems to be the one to tackle Rick Perry

In the second video he talks about all the places he has correctly predicted Perry's moves from at least three years ago. He is a Texan who has closely followed fellow Texan Perry for years.


thanks. Enjoyed them although AJ looks like he fell in a vat of purple dye. :p

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Loved the line" Ron Paul on

Loved the line" Ron Paul on stage like a LION surrounded by skraggly hyenas..with mange.." lol I could not stop laughing.



~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

AJ is an operative

Anybody can tell you...

If you take the cosine of the inverted square root of the numerical equivalent of "Richard Perry", while quoting Bill Cooper, you get "Alexander Jones eats 666 Milky Way bars per year".

Don't believe me? Try it.