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Ron Paul Lead story on HP

Ron Paul is the lead story on Huffington Post


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Wow. Cool. I recommend just

Wow. Cool. I recommend just going to Huffingtonpost.com and see the big picture of Dr. Paul.

We will only get stronger

The revolution will never be stopped. You cannot trick us into voting for SOMEONE who pretends to be like ron paul. You will not get a perry, bachmann or ANY OF THEM to get the real tea party vote.

I don't think the gop realizes that bachmanns "followers" are NOT us and unlike HER "followers", we will not be swayed by polls and b.s. as hers will.

Whether ron had randy travis or not at his tent, there would have still been the solid base of supporters no matter what.

They don't get how big we are and how big we will become by the time we need to take on obama.

Ron Paul or Bust

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