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POLITICO: Ron Paul Shafted by the Media after Ames

"I admit I do not fully understand Ron Paul and his beliefs. But I do understand when a guy gets shafted, and Ron Paul just got shafted."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0811/61412.html#ixzz1V8...

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In case you haven't seen it, it's a new one about media avoiding RP.

I am Ron Paul

Just Sent

Simon a thank you..

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It went

like this in 2008 election but as it becomes more obvious what is going happening our job will become easier. People will notice and even ask us what is going on, keep on spreading the message Good luck

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If you think about it, which

If you think about it, which I don't often do, the media is like the federal reserve. Printing credit for the currency of their choosing(Romney, etc.). There really isn't much out there but people believe there is so they vote for him just the way we use fed. notes. Ron Paul supporters are like gold because there support is never lessened, but it the process of acquiring it is akin to acquiring gold, hard-won. Far from being impossible though. Figured I'd share before I forgot.

Counterfeit press!

You're right! They create the news out of nothing, even lies, for the purpose of profit and control.

I've long said this would

I've long said this would have happened even if Ron Paul had come in first place in Ames. It certainly would have been more blatant, but the media had long chosen to focus on Bachmann who they view as the more "electable" of the two. Even despite national polls that demonstrate the opposite. The media just seems to have a strange fixation with her.

I think the establishment wants Rick Perry more

The media has been promoting him more than Bachmann and all he did was merely announce he's running:


If This Makes You Angry...

...then dig deep on the Ron Paul birthday moneybomb. And spread the word for others to do the same. If RP had $20 million in the bank instead of $2.5, the media really would be shitting themselves.

YES... spread the word!

Ron Paul Birthday Bomb..... bump it, bump it, bump it!

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Viva La Revolucion!

If we all click on that link it will be the most read

story at Politico now. It's #2 as I write.

Great idea!

Let's all click.

These are

the kinds of posts and stories that I wish got more attention from us on here on DP. At least some in the media are willing to acknowledge the obvious.

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Can't the guy just report the story though, without stating whether on not he personally disagrees with Paul, which has no relevance to the story.

He's probably afraid of getting criticized for pointing out the truth.

You see the same thing all

You see the same thing all the time in opinion pieces. Even the positive ones always start off, 'I'm no fan of Ron Paul, BUT...' It's like they're apologizing for writing about him.


That's what I was trying say. Why apologize for what you write, before you write it, or before anyone complains?

A pre-apology to the media empire?


I'm kinda glad he did point it out actually.

If he likes Paul, he gets accused of being a whiney Paul supporter. Because he doesn't agree with Paul, he's unbiased, and he sees the situation as being so absurd that he STILL felt the need to write the article.

Idk, he gets my "god bless the writer" of the week award.

Eric Hoffer

Good point, and I agree

But it gets old.

Its simply a political game

Sad but that is what we have become SO playing by their rules and figuring ways to get the message out in outside the box methods is where it works.

For instance there are many people who are going with banners stating

"I will vote for ron paul THIS time"


"I am a die hard ron paul supporter for life and you better be as well"

sure they are both right BUT the first gives an impression that can actually STICK in someones mind and not seem so damn one sided.

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The thing I did not like was

The thing I did not like was the fact that he asked "why" then he discounted Paul's ideas why, then he discounted some other ideas why, but he never made any effort to find out REALLY why?
Ron has got to be right. He is threatening to them. I am not sure why as any other way is most certainly the road to destruction of our country. The writer should find another Hitler and go live in his country. ..loves big government, indeed..GEEZE..

Maybe it's because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

Since the media is the establishment.