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The One Candidate BETTER than Ron Paul

There should be a concerted effort to have "Myself" added to the ballots in all 50 States. It could likely be a successful run. A huge number of the Democrats are disgusted with Obama also, and would likely prefer voting for "Myself" instead of Obama. The Libertarians would likely vote for "Myself". And a large portion of Republicans would also prefer "Myself" to another Rhino.

And then imagine electing "Me" as your Congressman...

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I like Ron Paul, a lot--

I have for over 20 years--

I've voted for him several times--

however, I am not 'counting' on one person to save *us*--

I think that if a person invests time/money to support a candidate they need to realize what they are doing--

that they are involved in a high risk, high stakes 'game'--

expecting a candidate to be perfect . . .--and expecting a POTUS to be able to change everything--

isn't realistic; not only is it not realistic, it's dangerous.

I know Dr. Paul is doing all he can to give this his best 'shot', but what he is doing is more than about running for POTUS; he is continuing to try to educate, educate, educate.

When I see on DP that there are people who want him to have a coach, a new suit, etc.--

I realize that they are all about the candidate and not the message.

Dr. Paul is or remains to be, from all I can see, all about the message, still.

Playing everything for the political game loses the big picture--

I do believe Dr. Paul has tried to change things within his sphere of influence, but he is always teaching.

Having said that . . . shall we talk about anarchy? *wink*

Each person for him/herself?

Ah, if it could only be--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Yes, its either Anarchy, or

Yes, its either Anarchy, or tyranny. But you cain't have them both, the one is only possible in the absence of the other.

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That is what Ron Paul would do if elected president

Give the power back to the people!Hey,that would make
a good slogan.

"A" president does not have

"A" president does not have the Authority to do such.
It makes a good POLITCAL slogan, but it is an empty promise. The president can only send you to war, and beyond that Congress is in charge.

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For 222 years the People have

For 222 years the People have been chosing OTHERS to represnt them, under a system of the Tyranny of the Majority. It only took 71 years of Tyranny of the Majority
for half of the States to say, "The HELL with this, We're leaving". But by force they were not allowed to leave, and the Tyranny continues.

It is only when the People stop choosing OTHERS to represent them, and begin representing themselves, that freedom will be possible. Choosing someone to make your decisions FOR YOU, when that representative has ZERO obligation to represent you, is BEGGING for tyranny. In giving them AUTHORITY to make statues FOR YOU, you give the authority to oppress as well as suppress. You give them the Authority to regulate your trade, set the value of your money, suppress rebellion, to send you, your sons and your daughters to die for the "majority". You give your freedom away because you will not represent yourself.

This is not something new with the founding of the Americas, it has been going on for a long long time. But STILL the People want someone else to make the decisions for them...

1 Samuel, Chapter 8

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A lot of folks

apparently missed your point bro. : ) Happens to me all the time.

πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

Heck yeah! If I were running I would vote for "Myself"

Does personality politics convince people that they are indeed voting for "Myself" ?

Free includes debt-free!

"Myself" would be the

"Myself" would be the Candidate, not you yourself. "Myself" would be an invisible unknown president, and EVERYBODY (not just those who voted for "Myself") could claim to be Myself with Ultimate Authority through "Exectutive Order", and everybody could refuse to be ruled through Presidential signing statments.

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TxRedneck current state of bitter trolling:

"...you have to understand, many Ron Paul supporters have become very anti liberty. Its Ron's way or the highway. Whatever Ron says is gospel. If Ron farts, you better hoot, holler, and don't dare object. Either get in with the herd, or get out. You are NOT at liberty to have a differing opinion here, nor differing solutions.

If Ron said it, and you don't repeat it, you ARE the opposition."


"I say that because I've seen this show before. I spent hundreds of hours on his campaign in 2008. I pushed and pulled until I was chosen as a State delegate. I watch things, and I don't forget when the sun rises the next day. This is an instant replay of 2008 in EVERY way. All that's missing is the Grannies...

If Ron Paul gets elected its because the ESTABLISHMENT wants him to get elected, not because the People want him."



Guy is uber-bitter, uber-defeatist, and right now is only interested in trolling. Can we even trust that he's spent so much effort with Ron Paul if only to turn out to be such an insufferable jackass? Idk. All I know that the man is kind of mentally iffy at this point in time and is only interested right now in using this message board as a sound-off for his personal anguish. End of story.

Yeah and at this point I think this message is your personal

trampoline for the whole "I was a delegate and poured my life savings into Ron Paul and now I'm so damn bitter". It weeps out of every single thing you say on this site. Whatever you can't get over at this point in time, I wish you would just forget about Ron, politics, or whatever.

In fact at this point, I'd rather you just register at RedState.com and never be seen here again.

I think the post was meant to

I think the post was meant to emphasize that WE the people are responsible for effective government.

No actually I'd refer you to another thread for my point.

I'm going to find it (won't be long) and show it to you. This guy has a serious "it's all hopeless and fixed" vibe and I think that it is more acidic that you might gather at first glance.